IMO Supplements

CSS CodeErrata: CSS Code, 2011 Edition (IB292E)28/09/2011CSS-Code-Errata-IB292E
MARPOLSupplement: Revised MARPOL Annex VI & NOx Technical Code, 2009 Ed (IA664E)16/09/2011MARPOL-Supplement-IA664E
FSS CodeErratum: FSS Code, 2007 Edition (IA155E)05/09/2011FSS-Code-IA155E_erratum
ISCSupplement: Intact Stability Code, 2008, 2009 Edition (IB874E)06/07/2011Intact-StabilityIB874E_supplement
CICCorrigendum: Casualty Investigation Code, 2008 Edition (I128E)05/07/2011Casualty-Investigation-Code-I128E_corrigendum
MODUErrata: MODU Code, 2010 Edition (I810E)24/06/2011MODU-Code-Errata-I810E_errata
IB001EUpdated supplement: Basic Documents, Volume I (IB001E)15/06/2011Basic-Documents-IB001E_supplement
HSC CodeUpdated supplement: 2000 HSC Code (IA185E)29/03/2011HSC-Code-IA185E_supplement_web
MARPOLSupplement: MARPOL, Cons Edition 2006 (IC520E)28/03/2011MARPOL-IC520E_supplement_web
IAMSAR2010 Amendments to IAMSAR Manual – Note for customers17/03/2011IAMSAR-Customer note MSC_1_Circ_1367
IAMSAR2010 Amendments to IAMSAR Manual17/03/2011IAMSAR-Ammendments1367
LSAUpdated errata: Life-Saving Appliances, 2010 Ed (ID982E)10/01/2011LSA-ID982E_errata_web_1
 SOLAS Supplement to SOLAS Consolidated 2009 IE110E Dec 2013 QE110E

2 thoughts on “IMO Supplements

  1. Good morning, Sirs.

    May I inquire if there is a new Supplement No. 3 to the SOLAS Training Manual in addition to the existing Supplements 1 and 2.
    One PSCO in Japan pointed it out during an inspection.

    Many thanks in advance.
    Capt. R. Toga Jr. / SI

    1. Captain Toga,
      we’ll look in to this. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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