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NOTICE: Witherby Connect replaces the Windows .ebk eBook Reader.The Windows .ebk eBook Reader End of Life date is 30 June 2023.

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Most books published by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and Witherby/Seamanship-International are available for download as eBooks. Once activation code is issued EBKs are not returnable.


How they Work:
Our ebooks are in “ebk” format, which require three pieces to work:

  1. The ebk reader application, now called the “IMO Bookshelf”, can be downloaded for free from here, either as the standalone Windows Executable (direct download link here) or as a fully loaded file with all the publications locked pending purchase (here Caution: Big file, about 1GB). Note: A Windows PC is required for both of these applications.
  2. An ebk file, usually downloadable from the book’s page on (eg for IMDG) or through our partners’s distribution site — either the IMO’s or Witherby/Seamanship’s Virtual Publication sites.
  3. An activation code, which can be purchased from a product’s page on (eg for MARPOL) or by calling 1-416-203-1163/1-800-463-9951.  Your activation code will be sent to you shortly after your credit-card transaction is processed.  This is almost always within 24 hours of your order submission.

Download the EBK file, unzip the file, and open it in the EBK Reader or IMO Bookshelf, then enter the activation code when prompted.  A certain amount of familiarity with the Windows operating system is recommended. For technical support, please don’t hesitate to contact the Nautical Mind.

EBK eBooks are protected against piracy by the IMO and Witherby with Digital Rights Management.  The default license is for a single user on a single machine, and cannot be shared. Please contact us before purchase if you have different requirements.

Additional information on IMO EBKs and the IMO Bookshelf is here.-

Additional information on Witherby/Seamanship EBKs is here.

5 thoughts on “IMO & Witherby eBooks

  1. What IMO books are available as ebook?
    Specifically STCW Code, Marpol, SOLAS.

    1. Hi Chris, just about all IMO books are available in .ebk ebook format. All our ebooks are listed here. The ones you’re looking for are here:

      MARPOL + Annex VI & NTC

      Hope that helps!

  2. Are the DRM .ebk Kindle compatible or are they restricted solely to use with the IMO reader program?


    1. Hi Lemos,
      no, they are no .ebk compatible and are restricted to the IMO reader program- also each ebook purchased can only be used on one computer.

      1. Hello, I work in a cruise ship and I have a laptop and a tablet, I have everything downloaded in my laptop but I would like to use my tablet onboard as it is lighter to carry, can I use my same account to unlock in my tablet and uninstall from my laptop?

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