Chief Mate 150GT

This is the entry level Chief Mate’s certificate. It is hands down the most easily attained Transport Canada “unrestricted” licence.

Holders of the “150 Mate” can serve as Chief Mate on vessels of up to 150 GT, and serve up to 25 NM from shore (Near Coastal 2) as well as all navigable waters included in the Great Lake’s Basin. With certain sea-time accruments (see Marine Personnel Requirements) you can get a “Limited, Contiguous Waters” endorsement which allows greater voyaging range than Near Coastal 2, but not quite the range of NC1.

Additionally, this certificate allows the holder to serve as Chief Mate on vessels up to 500 GT vessels within Sheltered Waters (which includes Toronto Harbour).

This page provides a guide to the examinations required for this certification, and those examinations are further discussed on their respective pages.

Be sure to also check:

License Requirements (Refer to Section 136)

Syllabus and Validity of Certificates (Page 208, Section 18)




Chief Mate 150GT Oral