Chief Mate Limited

Chief Mate Limited

This license lets you be a chief mate aboard a vessel up to 150 gross tonnes on near coastal 2 waters or 500 tonnes in sheltered water. This is often an aspiring mariner’s first ticket. The chief mate is second in command and helps the master run the vessel and navigate. It is a limited ticket, therefore the license only applies to vessels listed on the certificate.


The requirements for the ticket depend on the vessel the certificate applies to. For instance, you’ll need SEN1L if your vessel is equipped with a radar. In all cases you’ll need a CDN number a marine medical certificate and marine basic first aid. Talk to your Transport Canada inspector for details.



You will also need to write a couple exams. These are up to the discretion of the inspector but may include the following:

CP1- Chartwork and Pilotage 1

NS1- Navigation Safety 1

SM2- Ship Management 2

Chief Mate Limited Practical


We have linked the corresponding exam page to each of the exams above. There you can also find recommended books and publications that we suggest you study from.

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