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The 150 Ton Master is the entry level of non-limited certificates. Holders of the “150” can command vessels of up to 150 GT, and take them up to 25 NM from shore (Near Coastal 2). With certain seatime accruments (see Marine Personnel Requirements) you can get a “Limited, Contiguous Waters” endorsement which allows greater voyaging range than Near Coastal 2, but not quite the range of NC1.

Additionally, this certificate allows for command of up to 500 GT vessels within Sheltered Waters.

Note that there is no provision for 500 ton Mate in Near Coastal waters, as that is a separate certificate requiring the full SEN1 course. Some Master certificates do allow for Mate on the next higher tonnage increment.

This page provides a guide to the examinations required for this certification, and those examinations are further discussed on their respective pages.

Be sure to also check:

License Requirements (Refer to Section 129)

Syllabus and Validity of Certificates (Page 154, Section 11)







150 GT Oral

Recommended Reading:

Auxiliary Sail Vessel Operations for the Aspiring Professional Mariner This book is a great asset for anyone who works on sailing vessels, whether it is a passenger, training or cargo ship. It includes topics such as bridge resource management, safety aloft, heavy weather sailing, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic theory and more.

Primer of Towing A great book for anyone who is involved in towing, or looking to get into it. Takes into account the innovations in the industry that have come about in the last decade and a half, including changes in staffing, gear, procedures, and the vessels themselves.

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  1. My boyfriend had his 60 ton master and has over 21 years experience with driving a 12 ton tug boat. He is looking to go back to school and take his 150 ton masters. How long and how much is the course? Also can he use his previous experience and education from his 60 ton masters towards his 150 ton?


    1. Hi Anita, we’re just a bookstore. Places like Georgian College in Ontario or Camosun in BC offer the courses. The Exams and Certificates are handled by Transport Canada. We’ve got the books though.

  2. Hi.
    Based on the previous comments, is it safe to assume that you have most of the relevant study material for this certificate in your inventory?

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