Over 60GT Master Limited

Our Boats - The Great Lakes Schooner CompanyThis is commonly the licence held by Captains and Mates working in Toronto Harbour. “Barhands” aspiring for greater glory would do well to work towards this licence. The main advantage of this licencing route is that limited STCWs (A1 & A2 only) are often all that are required which reduces the candidate’s outlay prior to gainful employment. A great strategy would be to use this licence and the large pay bump associated with it to fund further studies and course work. One of this author’s best employers, a tug and barge owner-operator, started as a bar back in Toronto harbour aboard a tour boat and subsequently worked his way up the ladder in this way.

Syllabus (Section 12, Page 165)

Validity of Certificate: Based on the specific vessel’s “safe manning document”, the Transport Canada certificate voyage class given to said vessel and “Inspector Discretion”.

Licence Requirements (Section 130)





Oral Examination: The “Over 60GT Limited Master” licence is specific from vessel to vessel and examiner to examiner. As such, the oral exam will be comprised of show you can fulfill the duties of Master aboard the specific vessel the licence will apply to. Lifesaving equipment, how one would handle an emergency and other “burdens of command” will be found in the oral exam. Also during the oral exam, the examiner wants to determine if you have good character and judgement.  A good book that deals with the problems of being Master are found in “In Command”.