SVMO – Small Vessel Machinery Operator



Oil the Twolan
The author serving as 2nd Engineer aboard the Motor Tug W.N. Twolan.

The Unrestricted SVMO requires you to complete an oral examination on general engineering knowledge as per the syllabus. In certain situations an Unrestricted SVMO can be the engineer on vessels with up to 3000 Kw of propulsion, so you need to be familiar with large diesels, and the pumps and systems that go along with them.

The Restricted SVMO certificate uses the same syllabus, but the practical test is specific to the vessel(s) that you will hold the certificate for, and you will need to re-test for each individual vessel.

The seatime requirements and what onboard roles you can fulfill also differ between the two licenses.


This page provides a guide to the examinations required for this certification, and those examinations are further discussed on their respective pages.

Be sure to also check:

License Requirements (Refer to Section 151)

Syllabus and Validity of Certificates (Page 306, Chapter 33)


SVMO Written

SVMO Oral/Practical

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  1. I would like to take the SVMO course. How and where do I take it?


    1. Hi Justin,
      we’re just a bookstore, so we can get you all of the books (listed in this guide) you need to pass the Transport Canada exams. Several colleges and universities offer marine courses. I’m sure Georgian College in Parry Sound offers it. Camosun in Victoria and Memorial in St John’s, as well as others may also offer courses. Good luck!

  2. Where can I find the syllabus for the SVMO course? I am self studying.

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