Chief Mate Limited Practical

Chief Mate Limited Practical

This is the culminating exam for the Mate limited license. It can only be conducted once all the other requirements for the license have been met. You’ll need to have had your sea time checked, completed all the required courses and passed the examinations set out by your Transport Canada inspector

This exam is usually conducted on board the vessel the certificate will apply to. The scope of the exam is up to the examiner but you may find the Syllabus (page 211-219, section 19.11) to be a good guide.

It is important to have a good grasp of the following aboard your vessel:

  • Safety procedures
  • Emergency procedures (fire, flooding, M.O.B, abandonment, collision, grounding)
  • Knowledge of your ship’s systems (electrical, plumbing, propulsion)
  • Ship handling
  • Communications (on board, ship to ship, distress)
  • Pollution prevention
  • Passenger safety
  • Cargo safety

This is a practical examination but it is less likely than the Master Limited that you will be required to demonstrate you ship handling abilities. A theoretical knowledge of these topics is likely enough but a good understanding of the shipboard engineering and fire fighting equipment will be necessary. Talk to your Transport Canada inspector for more details.


Recommended Reading

The Complete Chief Officer, by Captain Michael Lloyd

This is a good guide to get you familiar with the duties entrusted to a chief mate. It outlines some of the difficulties of the position and gives a good indication as to how varied and complex the role can be.

Practical Ship Handling, by Malcolm C. Armstrong

This is a guide to help you hone your ship handling. While written with large cargo ships in mind, the underlying principles and techniques are universal. With colour photographs and diagrams, this is a good introduction to the art of ship handling.

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