COM2 – Communications 2

Communications,  Level 2

This is a communication exam that will test your practical knowledge in morse code. Although this may seem like an outdated method of communication, it is still a required skill (it can also be fun to learn!)

There are three components of this exam. The first two parts are live with an examiner and are of unlimited duration. The third part is of one-hour duration.

1. Deciphering Morse Code messages (at a minimum rate of 15 characters per minute) **If you have taken a morse code course and have the certificate to prove it you can be exempted from this section.

2. Sending Morse Code (also at a minimum rate of 15 characters per minute)

3. Multiple Choice questions testing your knowledge of the English language and standard marine vocabulary (They basically want to know that you will be able to communicate clearly and effectively in an English-speaking marine environment)


Please note the following from TP2293 Chapter 4 (Page 44):

“The passing grade for the part of the communications examination, level 2, that evaluates knowledge and skills with respect to receiving information is 90 per cent and the cumulative passing grade for the written part and the part that evaluates knowledge and skills with respect to sending information is 70 per cent. The passing grade for the part on English language and Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary is 70 per cent. An applicant must successfully read a Morse code light at a speed of four words per minute.”

Exam Syllabus

Communications, Level 2 (Page 56, Section 5.4)


Flash Cards The morse code flash cards are great for studying.

Standard Marine Communication Phrases This is not absolutely required if you are fluent in English and experienced in the marine industry.




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