EK2 – Engineering Knowledge 2

The Engineering Knowledge Level 2 (EK2) examination consists of a written test comprised of descriptive questions. It is three hours in duration. The Engineering Knowledge Level 2 exam covers much of the same material as EK1, however the scope of the exam is broader and covers some aspects in greater detail.

The exam will test your knowledge of operating various ship systems including, 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines, generators, pumps, fresh water systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems. It will also cover some additional systems such as waste treatment, exhaust scrubbers, incinerators and turbine propulsion. The exam requires you to be able to understand and use the proper engineering terms to describe and explain the operations of the above systems.

To see a full list and description of topics covered by the exam, please refer to the exam’s Syllabus (Page 97, Section 5.15).

Recommended texts:

Modern Marine Engineer’s Manual (volumes 1 and 2) by Hunt.

This two volume reference text covers everything you’ll need to know! It contains detailed descriptions of the pertinent machinery and it’s operation as well as diagrams and simple calculations. This is the best one stop shop to successfully complete EK2.

Reed’s Marine Engineering Series

This series of books is an excellent and thorough guide to marine engineering. Across the thirteen volumes, nearly all pertinent knowledge for EK2 is encompassed in the series. You can purchase any of the individual volumes to brush up on a specific area of expertise. These are available in softcover and are the latest edition.

Volume 1: Mathematics for Engineers
Volume 2: Applied Mechanics for Engineers
Volume 3: Applied Thermodynamics for Engineers
Volume 6: Basic Electrotechnology for Engineers
Volume 7: Advanced Electrotechnology for Engineers
Volume 8: General Engineering Knowledge
Volume 9: Steam Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers
Volume 10: Instrumentation and Control Systems
Volume 12: Motor Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers

Volume 13: Ship Stability, Powering and Resistance

The Diesel Engines: For Ship Propulsion and Power Plants
Kees Kuiken
2nd ed. A two-volume book on diesel engines intended for all who work with diesel engines for maritime propulsion and power generation. Volume I covers history, standard figurations, fuel-delivery systems, lubrication, air supply, speed control, noise, vibration, and main uses. Volume II covers ship propulsion, transmissions, manufacturers, emission issues, fuel calculation, auxiliary systems, reconditioning, maintenance and repairs, casting and forging engine parts, propellers, regulations, and more.

A Pocket Book of Marine Engineering: Questions and Answers
Available as Softcover and Ebook
The bold headings make it easy to locate a particular topic, and the clear and concise answers are ideal for revision and self-testing purposes. Covers Safety; Materials; Auxiliary machinery; Engine room systems; Ship construction; Steering gear; Shafting; Electrical; Electrical protection; Electrical safety; Instrumentation and control; Diesel engine theory and structure; Fuel systems; Combustion; Librication; Starting and manoeuvring safety; Boilers.

General Engineering Knowledge by H D McGeorge

This is a concise yet thorough guide to engineering knowledge. Most of the required knowledge of engineering systems for EK2 can be found in this text. It includes some diagrams. It is likely best to pair this text with other study materials but it touches on most topics covered in the exam.

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