Master 150GT Oral

Master 150GT Oral

This exam is the culmination of your examination for the 150 GT Master. In order to sit for this exam you will need to have passed the 5 written exams, completed your STCW, Radio and First Aid courses, and fully ratified your seatime.

This exam is conducted one on one with a Transport Canada examiner. The format is typically by use of scenarios. The examiner will pose a problem or scenario and you will need to respond to it utilizing any aspect of the syllabus and whatever else you can draw on from training, experience or other examinations. The exact format and organization will be entirely up to your examiner, and so we recommend that prior to sitting for either the Oral or Practical it is a good idea to speak with them. If you are able to let your examiner know where your experience and competence lies, then they should be able to help direct you to the areas of the syllabus that you will need to focus more effort on.


Master 150 Oral (Page 161, Section 11.8)

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