MET1 – Meteorology 1

MET1 – Meteorology 1

Meteorology 1 is the entry-level Meteorology exam. You will need to have a good base of knowledge, and be able to answer multiple choice questions, to sketch some diagrams and to interpret basic weather maps.

MET1 - Meteorology 1


Meteorology, Level 1 (Page 128, Section 8.5)

Recommended Reading:

Reed’s Maritime Meteorology This book is recommended by almost all professional mariners who have written the TC Meteorology exams. It contains all material you will need for MET 1 and beyond.

Other Resources:

Starpath Weather Trainer Live This is a computer program that helps mariners learn about weather and practice their forecasting skills. The program includes self-forecasting with natural signs (clouds, barometer, etc.) and also how to interpret and use the government issued forecasts.

We also have Flipcards, including a Meteorology set. These are great for new students and for experienced mariners just looking to keep up to date.

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