NS/I Navigation Systems and Instruments

Navigation systems and instruments (NS/I)

This examination consists of a written test comprising descriptive questions and is 3 hours in duration. NS/I pertains to the various types of electronic navigation equipment found aboard a ship. Extensive knowledge about Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Loran-C, Electronic Charting and Voyage Management Systems (ECDIS/ECS) are required as well as an understanding of depth and heading devices. It is also important to understand the errors associated with each piece of equipment and the importance of combining various methods for safe navigation


For a complete list of pertinent devices and required knowledge, please refer to the exam’s Syllabus(section 5.6 page 60)

Recommended reading:

Electronic Navigation Systems by Tetley & Calcutt.

This text covers touches on all the main topics of the exam. It also includes helpful pictures and diagrams as well as summary questions at the end of each chapter. In addition this text includes glossaries throughout which define all of the pertinent terms and acronyms (of which there are many).

The Electronic Chart by Hecht, Horst & Bernhard Berking

This publication is intended for students just getting into ECDIS systems, however, it serves well as a study aid for the ECDIS portion of this exam. It is thorough and well laid out with colour pictures and diagrams.

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