SIM2 – Simulated Electronic Navigation 2

Simulated Electronic Navigation 2

SIM2 is the exam code for the culminating exam of your SEN2 course. You cannot challenge the exam without taking the full course. The exam itself is a practical exam taking place in a simulator, during which the Examiner can also ask you questions relating to the theory and practise of navigational electronics and collision avoidance.


SIM2 (Page 101, Section 5.16)

 Recommended Reading:

ECDIS Basics
Captain Ralph Becker-Heins

Practical hands-on knowledge in the operational use of electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS). The guide gives an overview of the principles of ECDIS navigation

ECDIS Passage Planning

The book provides clearly structured guidelines for safely carrying out voyage planning on electronic charts (ECDIS). Incorporating the fundamental components of passage planning while meeting the new challenges of using ECDIS as a planning tool. Provides practical guidance to assist the navigator through the appraisal and planning stages.

The Electronic Chart: Fundamentals, Functions, Data and Other Essentials
Horst Hecht & Bernhard Berking

The latest developments in ECDIS navigation aimed at masters and mates, ship owners, navigation teachers and students, and manufacturers of navigational equipment. Topics include: system configuration, electronic chart data format-both vector and raster, data structure and data storage, integration of ECDIS with GPS, radar, AIS, and track-control systems, navigational functions, safety aspects, and more. Includes CD-ROM “Try ECDIS” which contains an ECDIS trainer and a ship voyage simulator.

Radar and ARPA Manual 

A comprehensive guide to understanding the theory behind radar technology. This is a good reference for any SEN2 course and following exams.

Collision Regulations figure also very heavily in this course and exam. You may want to have a Colregs guidebook on hand. See the Navigation Safety exam page for information.

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