COM1 – Communications 1

Communications, Level 1

This is a communication exam that will test your knowledge of code flags, and also how to use the publications that deal with marine communications of all types. Each publication is self-contained and has instructions for is use inside. You will want to have read through them somewhat beforehand though, as you need to be able to move quickly to complete all of the questions in the 1 hour allotted. In particular you will want to be proficient in using the International Code of Signals for deciphering the 2 and 3 letter codes used to convey all manner of messages.

The exam is multiple-choice and is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Requires you to be able to use the three communications publications. The questions can cover anything in these books, ranging from signal decoding to knowing how to find radio frequencies of Coast Guard stations.

Part 2 : This is all recall. You will not have access to books in this section. You will be required to identify flags and be able say what their signal-letter meaning is.

Exam Syllabus

Communications, Level 1 (Page 55, Section 5.3)

Recommended Reading:

The necessary publications are all self-contained so you should be able to study using just them.


International Code of Signals

Radio Aids to Marine Navigation (RAMN) (PDF)

Annual Edition of Notices to Mariners (PDF)

Additional Resources:

Flash Cards Great for studying and maintaining your knowledge. For this exam the Code Flags set should be sufficient.


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