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Not Quite Spring Thaw Specials
A curated selection of bargains and gems since winter’s keeping us off the water and covid cancelled the boat show.
by Fennell, Steve, ed.
A mile-by-mile guide for cruising the lakes, rivers, and locks of Ontario's Trent-Severn system from Port Severn to Trenton. Contains full details on marinas and facilities, moorings, repair services, shopping, eating out, and things to do. Also contains information on navigation, powerboat handling, locking through, fishing, marinas, weather, and sight-seeing, as well as dozens of boating tips. Labelled full-colour aerial photographs. The guide features an Android/Apple mobile app free with every print purchase. Upon purchase, the customer will be able to download the PORTS mobile app digital version of PORTS Trent-Severn onto a device of their choice.
214 Pages • spiral • 2021
by Canadian Yachting Media
An essential guide to this historic waterway which includes detailed navigational information, aerial photos, lock-by-lock travel information with GPS coordinates, full information on marinas, where to find fuel, where to dock, where to eat and where to restock the galley. Marine stores, facilities and repair services are included as well as a distance chart that makes it easy to plan your voyage. The guide features an Android/Apple mobile app free with every print purchase. Upon purchase, the customer will be able to download the PORTS mobile app digital version of PORTS Rideau onto a device of their choice.
by Lee, Jonathan
Freshly updated, PORTS is the most complete cruising guide to American and Canadian Lake Ontario destinations and also covers the Thousand Islands as far downriver as Prescott. Inside you'll find sailing directions, town maps, GPS waypoints, full-colour aerial photographs, and hundreds of cruising tips. Plus there's detailed information on anchorages, moorings, yacht clubs, shoreside facilities, and nearby restaurants, shopping, and provisioning outlets. An invaluable resource.
368 Pages • spiral • 2015
$42.95  Save 30%  $29.95
by Canadian Yachting Media
This indispensable guide to the Canadian waters of Lake Huron, the North Channel, and Georgian Bay, has been completely updated. There is new aerial and boating photography as well as updated editorial by leading industry writers. This new edition features a new Android/Apple mobile app free with every print purchase. Upon purchase, the customer will be able to download the PORTS mobile app digital version of PORTS Georgian Bay onto a device of their choice.
by Wilson, Matthew
2021 ed. Over 850 updates. Covers the entire 700-mile Bahamian chain plus the Turks and Caicos. A thorough explantion of local geography, climate, weather, and navigation techniques for sailors, as well as tips for planning a cruise, and practical advice for sailing in the area. Each important area of the Bahamas is reviewed with routes, headings, distances, and full waypoint lists provided. This is a new publication from Waterway.
420 Pages • softcover • annual
by Cantrell, Debra Ann
Cantrell was dismayed when her husband suggested they go cruising. What had other women felt and done? She embarked on a five-year study of women who had chosen the lifestyle; this is her deeply insightful guidebook for managing the odyssey of change the cruising life brings. She shows that things don't always go as planned--not every woman who went to sea stayed there, and not every marriage survived. But without exception, each woman was in some way changed and strengthened by the experience.
192 Pages • softcover • 2003
by Cornell, Jimmy
8th ed. Cornell has once again fully revised his well-established bible for long-distance cruisers--a bestseller since it first appeared (1987). This comprehensive guide to 1,000-plus ocean routes covers the briny deep from the the Arctic to the Antarctic. Key changes in this edition focus on the effects of climate change, especially on routes vulnerable to shifting weather conditions. Routes influenced by tropical cyclones have been updated to cover the likelihood of less predictable tropical storm seasons. Some information has also been updated to reflect current global weather data used in the most recent edition of "Cornells' Ocean Atlas". Geared specifically to the needs of cruising sailors, the eighth edition provides over 6,000 waypoints to assist navigators in planning individual passages. It is the perfect one-stop reference for planning a voyage anywhere in the world.
616 Pages • softcover • 2018
by Cornell, Jimmy
Cornell is the undisputed authority on long distance voyaging. This book is aimed at those seriously contemplating an extended cruise (and those dreaming about the possibility), and will give an idea of what is involved in developing the right strategy. Topics include: world weather systems; strategies for sailing long or short circuits in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans; the pros and cons of different routes at different times of year (taking into account weather, timings, wind directions and strengths, likelihood of fog, icebergs, gales, etc); the pros and cons, attractions and dangers of different routes (such as the problem of piracy); practicalities (repair facilities, common gear breakage on extended voyages, places to leave the boat to fly home if necessary, health considerations, provisioning for a long trip, personal safety measures, and much more); and Cornell's "top ten" list of common things that ruin a voyage.
352 Pages • softcover • 2012
$77.95  Save 18%  $63.95
Cruisiers Handbook of Fishing
by Bannerot, Scott & Wendy Bannerot
Cruisers are forever trailing fishing lines astern, angling for a fresh meal, but they are notoriously bad at catching anything. These successful fishing cruisers share their secrets for catching, processing, and cooking fish and shellfish, underway or at anchor, in power- or sailboats. They cover what bait and lures work, the right gear to use, and the special adaptations cruisers need for fishing.
432 Pages • softcover • 2003
by Rodriguez, Nicola
2nd ed. Here's a treasury of practical guidance for would-be adventurers that covers choosing a boat and planning a round-the-world route. Rodriguez paints a realistic picture of the pros and cons of living on a boat and provides information on safety, communications, children, insurance, and budgeting. Her guide is a helpful tool for shaping the voyage of a lifetime.
248 Pages • softcover • 2018
$43.95  Save 20%  $35.00
by Pawson, Des
This is an updated and expanded edition of the bestselling "Handbook of Knots". Pawson's approach is visual: great photos of hands tying knots using different colours of rope to make every step very clear. This book covers stopper knots, binding knots, bends, hitches, loops, braids and sennits, and splicing and whipping. Pawson also matches knots with specific needs/activities such as camping, sailing, decorating, and climbing.
400 Pages • softcover • 2012