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Not Quite Spring Thaw Specials
A curated selection of bargains and gems since winter’s keeping us off the water and covid cancelled the boat show.
by Kretschmer, John
Kretschmer's sailing adventures have taken him several times around the world and across the Atlantic and the Pacific in all weathers. He narrowly escaped a coup in Yemen, had an unlikely deliverance from a coral reef off Belize, and was blessed with several serene, introspective passages. His crew has included CEOs, actors, writers, teachers, kids. His memoir of his time afloat is interwoven with practical tips and advice on seamanship--as well as hard-won insights about making the most of our lives.
277 Pages • softcover • 2020
$24.50  Save 59%  $9.99
by Knox-Johnston, Robin
A reissue of the gripping account of Robin Knox-Johnston's ultimately victorious participation in the first non-stop, singlehanded race around the world.
272 Pages • softcover • 2020
$26.99  Save 63%  $9.99
by Rousmaniere, John
One of the best accounts of the 1979 Fastnet Race, in which 15 men died in the Irish Sea. First published in 1980.
287 Pages • softcover • 2000
Sea Over Bow by Linda Kenyon
by Kenyon, Linda
When her marriage of 25 years ended badly, Linda Kenyon was determined never to put herself in the way of a broken heart again. Enter an extraordinary man. In an act of courage--or foolishness?--Kenyon decided to sell everything and sail the Atlantic with him. This romance-cum-sailing-adventure is about love's rebirth: love for a man, for the sea, for the simplicity of life afloat, and for the beauty of the natural world.
240 Pages • softcover • 2018
$19.95  Save 25%  $15.00
by G?linas, Yves
G?linas' "performance piece" was his attempt to sail around the world non-stop. Dismasted in the Pacific, he repaired his mast and completed the voyage, returning to Gasp? after 282 sailing days. "Not since Bernard Moitessier has there been a better example of someone being so perfectly in tune with their boat, the sea and themselves," writes Andy Schell, publisher of the English edition of G?linas' classic memoir. First published in 1988 in French.

180 Pages • softcover • 2017
What Was I Thinking? Adventures of a Woman Sailing Solo
by Bendall, Pamela
Once a high-end stockbroker, Bendall chucked her opulent lifestyle for a simpler, self-sufficient dream: the (mostly) single-handed sailing life. Her inspiring story features entertaining anecdotes, challenges faced, heartwarming successes, and just plain adventure onboard her 46-foot cutter "Precious Metal".
214 Pages • softcover • 2014
$19.95  Save 75%  $5.00
by Peters, Janet
Persuaded to give up her busy life in Toronto, sell her house, and move onto a sailboat, Janet Peters began an adventure that would last six years. Circling the world with her husband on "Solara" she encountered many storms, sailed on immense bodies of water for weeks at a time, and toured small isolated islands that only sailors on small boats can reach. She learned how well her boat could handle rough seas and high winds, overcame her fears, and became an important partner to her husband--especially during their challenges in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.
362 Pages • softcover • 2016
by Moitessier, Bernard
Bernard Moitessier was a leading competitor in the first Round the World Race for singlehanded yachts. But for Moitessier, the race finished in mid-Pacific: he decided to forfeit the race and anchor among old friends in Tahiti. A thought-provoking and moving account of a man's voyage inward, as well as an informative look at singlehanding. First published in 1971.
256 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Moitessier, Bernard
Moitessier's notebooks include all the know-how and the 1001 tips of this legendary sailor. The first part of this book details how to prepare for an extensive cruise (boat, rigging, sails, anchors), the second describes the passage (weather, navigation, watchkeeping), and in the third part Moitessier takes us to the various islands he visited and shows how to adapt to living in exotic environments.
216 Pages • softcover • 2019
An Embarrassment of Mangoes
by Vanderhoof, Ann
Exchanging business clothes for bare feet, Ann and her husband, Steve Manley, said goodbye to the Toronto rat race and sailed off on their Tartan 42, "Receta" ("recipe" in Spanish), bound for the Caribbean. Ann's descriptions of the sun-drenched landscapes, her encounters with enchanting characters, and her memories of the mouthwatering tastes of their new lifestyle make it easy to imagine that you are cruising along with them. And by providing some of the best recipes-from Bahamian cracked conch to Dominican papaya salsa and classic West Indian Rum Punch-Ann invites you to experience at least part of the dream for real.
320 Pages • softcover • 2005