5 Bucks a Book – January Selection

February Selection
This month we’ve got a selection of bargains and features to clear the decks for a new year.
by Cooper, Bill & Laurel Cooper
5th ed. This has become the bible for those cruising as a way of life--whether short- or long-term. Both inspirational and practical, it asks all the right questions and provides answers from first-hand experience. This edition has been updated and revised to include far-reaching changes in navigation, electronics and communications, and more.
352 Pages • softcover • 2005
$45.95  Save 89%  $5.00
Pass Your Yachtmaster 5th
by Fairhall, David & Mike Peyton
5th ed. Covers the whole syllabus of the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore course, presenting all the relevant information for candidates taking the RYA shore-bound examinations.
112 Pages • softcover • 2012
$26.95  Save 81%  $5.00
Yacht Owner’s Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Your Ya
by Du Port, Andy
An essential guide for any yacht owner--current or potential. Du Port is comprehensive in his discussion of the choices you need to make before and after you buy, for your own safety, security, and enjoyment. His advice is attractively enhanced with photos, diagrams, and sidebars with focussed, specific advice.
160 Pages • softcover • 2015
$35.99  Save 86%  $5.00
by Jollands, Simon
Jolland introduces newcomers of any age to the ins and outs of sailing a boat. Assuming you are starting at the very beginning, he covers subjects such as what to wear, how sails move the boat, how to steer and tie useful knots, and more.
128 Pages • softcover • 2020
$24.50  Save 80%  $5.00
by Slade, Rachel
On October 1, 2015, Hurricane Joaquin barrelled into the Bermuda Triangle and swallowed the El Faro--the worst American shipping disaster in almost half a century. How could the container ship have been so vulnerable? Journalist Rachel Slade interviewed family members and maritime experts to give us the horrifying story--in prose sometimes taken straight from the ship's data recorder.
416 Pages • hardcover • 2019
$34.99  Save 86%  $5.00
by Hamilton, Kersten
When a family on a sailing outing gets stuck in a surprise storm, there's only one boat tough enough to handle the rocking waves and howling winds: Blue Boat! A rhyming book about a vehicle who saves the day. Ages 2 to 5.
32 Pages • hardcover • 2016
$21.99  Save 68%  $6.99
by Lieske, Ewald & Robert Myers
Covers everything from peg legs to parrots, including: Profiles of real pirates from John Paul Jones and Blackbeard to Sir Francis Drake; What life was like on board a pirate ship; Pirates from ancient times to the modern age. Miniature book.
256 Pages • softcover • 2006
$10.99  Save 55%  $5.00
by Buzzeo, Tony & Tom Froese
This nonfiction ode to boats features six kinds of workers and their boats--a patrol boat, a tugboat, a car ferry, a lobster boat, a lifeboat, and a fireboat--with important parts properly labeled. The answer to each inquiring refrain lies under a gatefold, engaging the reader in an informative guessing game. With lyrical (and factual!) text by New York Times bestselling author Toni Buzzeo, and the stylized art of Tom Froese, this sturdy board book is perfect for curious and playful young readers. Ages 4 and under.
16 Pages • hardcover • 2018
$13.99  Save 64%  $5.00