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Your privacy

The Nautical Mind is an independent business with one retail location on the Toronto waterfront. We use our website to enable customers to browse our titles and make purchases without coming into the store. We are completely committed to the privacy of all our customers. If you make a purchase through our website, this is how your information is handled:

What we gather

You can browse our site without telling us who you are or giving us any personal information.

If and when you decide to make a purchase, we require shipping and billing information, your phone number, and your email address in order to complete the transaction.

Your order arrives in our store as an encrypted email. Your shipping and billing information is then added to our secure off-line database.

We do not collect or purchase information about you from other companies or information sources. If we find there is a problem with your shipping address, we may consult public sources to verify our data. Usually we will contact you directly to obtain the correct information.

How we use the information

The information you submit is used to complete and ship your order. Credit card transactions are completed in our store, using the same direct-to-bank validation process we use for our walk-in customers.

Unless you direct us otherwise, we will keep your data on file. We will use this data to verify information attached to future orders and to mail you a copy of our annual fall newsletter (if you requested it).

Your email address is used only for correspondence related to your order and to send our email newsletter if requested.

We may use your information during our own review processes to improve our web site, our service, or our product selection.

Disclosure of information

We do not share the information you entrust to us with any other branches, corporate affiliates, third parties, or suppliers. We do not sell, rent, or lend our mailing list. We may provide printed mailing labels to a separate company to do a mailing on our behalf.

Why register?

By registering at, you allow us to save your contact and shipping information on our secure web server. Once registered, you won’t need to re-enter your information on subsequent orders. Your credit card number is not stored on our web server, it must be entered each time you checkout. Whether or not you register an account at, we keep your information on file in our store.

Changing your information

Once registered, you will be able to modify your personal information on-line at any time. Your modifications will also appear in our in-store database.

Personal Data Request

At any time you can request that we send you all the information we have on file for you.  Please either contact us by phone, email, or complete our Data Access Request form here.  You can also always review your account information.

Personal Data Removal Request

At any time you can request that we remove all the information we have on file for you.  Please either contact us by phone, email, or complete our Data Access Request Removal form here.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Nautical Mind Bookstore has always been strongly committed to the privacy of our customers.  We have adapted our already privacy-oriented system to accommodate the specifics of the new European Union privacy legislation.  Please contact us if you have any questions.