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Stress-Free Sailing
by Wells, Duncan
Many common sailing scenarios contribute to sailing short-handed--from couples with young children to be supervised, to solo deliveries. Wells provides clever, original techniques and solutions for handling the range of essential operations on a boat when crew is scarce--from sail setting and reefing, to picking up mooring buoys in a variety of wind and tide situations, anchoring, berthing and leaving a pontoon shorthanded, picking up a man overboard, sailing in fog and heavy weather--and even going up the mast. Organized by activity, the book features step-by-step sequential photos showing exactly how to approach each situation and safely complete the task. Each section also includes a QR code, which can be scanned by a mobile phone or tablet to view video's on the author's website.
160 Pages • softcover • 2015
$35.99  Save 31%  $25.00
by Wells, Duncan
The answer to all single-handed crews prayers. Extensively illustrated covering essential procedures for getting off (and then back on) a marina berth, anchoring, mooring to a buoy, motoring in big seas, and even picking up a man overboard. It includes advice about fuel monitoring, engine care and maintenance, looking after batteries, and many more issues specific to motorboats. Each section also includes a QR code, which can be scanned by a mobile phone or tablet to view video's on the author's website.
160 Pages • softcover • 2017
$34.00  Save 71%  $9.99
by Eyers, Jonathan
As we all know, first impressions can make a difference.This entertaining little book answers a foundational question new owners should ask themselves: what will my boat's name say about me? Names common, trendy and rare are listed alphabetically in categories such as "Pun Intended," "Don't Even Go There," and "Too Much Information." The author's sense of humour plus historical tidbits make this a good read as well as a source of inspiration.
160 Pages • hardcover • 2017
$19.00  Save 68%  $5.99
by Compton, Nic
The latest coffee-table book from former "Classic Boat" magazine editor (and shipwright) Nic Compton includes 20 of the most beautiful yachts sailing today. Among them are "Bona Fide", the original fin-keeler that was decades ahead of her time; "Inward Bound", a 35-foot cutter built in Argentina; "Madoc", a 24-foot clinker yawl built by hand on a Tasmanian beach; and "Solway Maid", the last surviving William Fife yacht.
160 Pages • hardcover • 2015
$63.95  Save 77%  $14.99
by Sims, Fiona
Food and wine writer Fiona Sims serves up an expert look at the drinking culture in key sailing ports in five regions--Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic, Pacific, and the Caribbean--and encourages readers to explore and experience specific locales through food and drink. She both highlights specialist merchants, legendary bars, and local markets and includes regionally inspired recipes for drinks and nibblies that are perfect for the cockpit (or living room!) cocktail hour.
176 Pages • softcover • 2017
$27.00  Save 70%  $7.99
Passage Making Made Perfect
by Buchan, Alastair
Planning and carrying out a successful, safe, and enjoyable passage takes knowledge and a lot of preparation. This book covers the whole process, providing instructions, case studies, checklists, flow charts and photographs--for day, offshore, and ocean passages. It also covers sources of information (for weather, tides, and more), creating a passage plan that works for your boat and crew, preparing the vessel, fine-tuning underway, approaching your destination, tasks on arrival, and dealing with emergencies.
192 Pages • softcover • 2013
$32.00  Save 84%  $4.99
by Cooper, Bill & Laurel Cooper
5th ed. This has become the bible for those cruising as a way of life--whether short- or long-term. Both inspirational and practical, it asks all the right questions and provides answers from first-hand experience. This edition has been updated and revised to include far-reaching changes in navigation, electronics and communications, and more.
352 Pages • softcover • 2005
$45.95  Save 89%  $4.99
by Brehaut, Denise
6th ed. A complete explanation of the operation of and procedures involved in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. This edition incorporates all the canges to the regulations that came into force in 2009 as well as the 2016 system updates.
128 Pages • softcover • 2017
$40.00  Save 75%  $9.99
by Selby, Dave
This collection of Selby's columns for "Practical Boat Owner" magazine has been expanded with additional "Lessons Not Learned" hints and tips. Amusing and instructive, the contents cover an arc from Dave's first flounderings afloat to his latest flounderings afloat. The bunglings dissected include: first attempts at sailing, how not to sail singlehanded, mysteries of maintenance, how not to sail with a dog, the impenetrable mysteries of navigation and weather, how not to race, and more.
112 Pages • softcover • 2017
$19.00  Save 63%  $6.99
Detailed manual on how to improve all aspects of a yacht or motorboat, includeing many projects that will iprove a boat's safety, comfort, faciities, storage, performance on the water, and value. Projects include installing heating systems, water systems, air conditioning, better ventilation, solar or wind-power chargers, interior lighting, adding a bathing platform and much more.
304 Pages • hardcover • 2015
$52.95  Save 81%  $9.99
by Spithill, Jimmy
Jimmy Spithill is the legendary skipper who steered Oracle Team USA to victory in the 2010 and 2013 America's Cup. Spectacularly, in 2013, he beat New Zealand against massive odds, coming back from a 1-8 record to win 9-8--"one of the greatest comebacks in sports history" according to the Wall Street Journal. This is his autobiography.
197 Pages • hardcover • 2017
$34.00  Save 71%  $9.99
by Compton, Nic
Did you know that, in the 18th century, the Royal Navy's physician found that sailors were seven times more likely to have severe mental illness than the general population, thanks to the pressures and conditions of life at sea? This book is the first detailed study of how the vast, lonely, and powerful sea has affected sailors over the centuries. It discusses desperate shipwreck, cannibalism, inexplicable multiple murders, and strange modern cases--including Donald Crowhurst's suicide.
256 Pages • hardcover • 2017
$32.00  Save 69%  $9.99
by Foy, George Michelsen
Navigation is a human skill whether feeling our way through a bedroom in the dark, or charting a ship's course. But how does navigation affect our brains, our memory, ourselves? In 1844, Foy's great-great grandfather, captain of a Norwegian cargo ship, perished at sea after getting lost in a snowstorm. Foy decides to unravel the mystery surrounding Halvor Michelsen's death---and the roots of his own obsession with navigation.
368 Pages • hardcover • 2016
by Blewitt, Mary
12th ed. This well-known, best-selling book has been revised by Thomas Bergel. Among other changes, this edition substitutes the "Nautical Almanac" for the "Air Almanac" and shows how to construct plotting sheets and advance a line of position for a running fix.
72 Pages • softcover • 2011
$19.95  Save 55%  $8.99
by Mosenthal, Basil
6th ed. A good introduction for anyone seeking to learn the basics of navigation. Covers the essentials of reading a chart, understanding tides, using navigation instruments, plotting a position, and planning a passage.

80 Pages • softcover • 2013
$18.00  Save 67%  $5.99
Pass Your Yachtmaster 5th
by Fairhall, David & Mike Peyton
5th ed. Covers the whole syllabus of the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore course, presenting all the relevant information for candidates taking the RYA shore-bound examinations.
112 Pages • softcover • 2012
$26.95  Save 78%  $5.99
Winning Isn’t Luck
by Imhoff, Fred
Here is some gold dust for racers of all levels, dinghy or yacht. An experienced international sailor, Imhoff explains his successful racing approach and tactics, and illuminates his points using action photos and detailed commentary on tactics, sail trim, helming, crew positioning, and psychology. Many of the images and lessons are from the 2012 London Olympics.
128 Pages • softcover • 2016
$34.00  Save 71%  $9.99
by Krause, Soren, ed.
This book provides the complete text of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) rules and features colour-coded explanations and interpretations of the rules enhanced by bird's-eye-view drawings. It also includes a colour chart of race signals, a graphic quick-reference rule locator, a summary of recent rule changes, and procedural notes for filing a protest. The book is divided into three sections, with quickly recognizable colour-coded corners. 1) The Rules of Racing 2) Explanations and 3) Actual interpretations of more complex situations where rules may conflict. The last section is particularly useful for post-race grievances.
256 Pages • softcover • 2017
by Twiname, Eric & Bryan Willis
10th ed. Pocket-sized, this rules book's unique approach explains the rules using race situations and the parts of the race course--from the start line, round the marks, and on to the finish line. Clear diagrams identify the boats in the right and wrong. In addition, the rules are graded for all levels of competition--club, national, and international championships. The entire 2017-2020 racing rules are included.
256 Pages • softcover • 2017
$40.00  Save 75%  $9.99
Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages
by Bird, Vanessa
Annotated illustrations arranged by topic allow you to quickly find what you need to communicate when something goes wrong with the boat abroad. You'll find everything from general terms (port, starboard . . . ) to technical words needed to talk about engine and rigging repair and maintenance. The nine languages are English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Portuguese and Greek.
160 Pages • softcover • 2014
$32.00  Save 75%  $7.99
Dinghy Bible: The Complete Guide to Dinghy Sailing
by Holmes, Rupert & Jeremy Evans
A complete, user-friendly, hands-on manual packed with step-by-step diagrams, action photos, and practical advice about all aspects of dinghy sailing. Ideal for both beginner and advanced sailors, it covers getting started, rigging and launching your boat, safety skills, navigation and weather, and more.
192 Pages • hardcover • 2014
$42.95  Save 84%  $6.99
by Mosenthal, Basil
The ideal guide for new sailors. It is also valuable as a backup to sailing courses and useful as a refresher course on the basics. Expert instruction on topics that range from the various parts of a boat to advanced knots, reading charts and navigation.
80 Pages • softcover • 2011
$18.00  Save 61%  $6.99
by Husick, Charles B.
67th ed. The time-tested essential guide for small craft sailors and powerboaters. Chapman explains all aspects of boating--from anchoring to weather, from practical how-to information to customs and etiquette, from communications to safety--and much more.
928 Pages • hardcover • 2016
by Clutterbuck, Peter
Encouraged by his parents to become more self-sufficient, the author (only 16 at the time) decided to test his mettle in the family's 16-foot open dinghy "Calypso". He restored the Wayfayer, set out, and was hit by a Force 7 gale. Survival spurred him on to sail across the English Channel and through the Bay of Biscay, down the French canals, into the Med, up to the North Sea, and across the Baltic to Oslo.
208 Pages • softcover • 2018
$29.00  Save 69%  $8.99
by Maufe, Jane
A transit of the Northwest Passage is not a voyage to be undertaken by average sailors in small boats. But David Scott Cowper, the 73-year-old skipper featured in this book, is no ordinary sailor. Cowper has sailed through six of the seven known Northwest Passage routes. This account, written by Cowper's crew, is about the most northerly (through the McClure Strait). Maufe captures Cowper's steely determination, resourcefulness, and humility.
320 Pages • hardcover • 2017
$37.00  Save 65%  $12.99
Thousand Miles from Anywhere
by Clayton, Sandra
Clayton writes about the third leg of a family cruise: visiting the Atlantic Islands then crossing the ocean to the Caribbean in their 40-foot catamaran. Detailed descriptions of places visited, humourous situations, and fascinating people. See also "Dolphins Under My Bed" and "Turtles in Our Wake".
240 Pages • softcover • 2013
$16.00  Save 75%  $3.99
by Clayton, Sandra
Like many people, Clayton and her husband David longed to escape--from the weather, the commute, the routine. Sailing off in a 40-foot boat comes at a price, however. For this couple it meant selling their house and possessions that held a lifetime's collection of memories and emotions. But the effort proved life-enhancing. In her second book, Clayton takes the reader to some of the Mediterranean's loveliest island destinations. A sequel to "Dolphins under my Bed".
240 Pages • softcover • 2011
$18.00  Save 78%  $3.99
Reeds Diesel Engine Troubleshooting Handbook
by Pickthall, Barry
This pocket-sized guide-perfect for on-board impromptu use--can help you solve the most common engine problems . . . and some weird ones, too. Engine problems are discussed with clear step-by-step instructions, illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams that show you exactly what to do.
128 Pages • softcover • 2013
$18.00  Save 67%  $5.99