Cruising & Racing Holiday Selection

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by Scott, Simon & Nancy Scott
19th ed. A special post-hurricane edition. The most popular guide for anyone sailing, diving or fishing the British or U.S. Virgin Islands. Information on navigation, customs, services and facilities, and more. Many sketch charts, photos, some advertising, and piloting information blended with local history. Spectacular colour aerial photos. Includes a colour planning chart.
348 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Skinner, Leonard & Mary Cooney
This practical handbook is written from the differing perspectives of two authors, who share anecdotes and hard-earned wisdom about the gamut of crucial considerations for those planning to sell up and head to sea. The discussion covers making a budget and estimating costs, how to choose a boat, ensuring crew are well equipped and trained, "letting go" (practically and psychologically), preparing and provisioning the boat, and the challenges and rewards of life afloat.
352 Pages • softcover • 2019
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by Sims, Fiona
2nd ed. A collection of delicious and easy recipes that can be made aboard with minimum fuss and maximum flavour. Sims includes recipes from top chefs and sailing legends, tips for setting up the galley and hosting the perfect beach barbecue, and much more. A must-have guide for sailors and seaside-lovers alike.
160 Pages • softcover • 2019
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by Shearlock, Carolyn
From milk and cheese to eggs and meat, this book lays out ways boaters (and hikers and campers) can have healthy home-cooked meals without artificially freezing or chilling their food stocks. Shearlock explains how to properly wash, store, treat, and cook foodstuffs for maximum flavour and safety.
160 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Pike, Dag
Pike's long overdue analysis and review of modern powerboat design and operation explores how and why powerboats developed, and how design affects control and performance. He assesses a range of hull designs for pros and cons, and weighs in on engine types and their influence on performance. All factors influencing vessel operation are discussed, including optimizing performance in varied sea conditions and matching speed to sea state, coping with tidal races, manoeuvring in tight spaces, and ensuring crew safety.
224 Pages • hardcover • 2019
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by Gladstone, Bill
7th ed. Covers tactics, rules, weather, and strategy in an easy-to-follow format. Offers complete information for neophytes and insights for the more experienced. Quizzes and skill-building sections show how to develop a race-winning approach. Updated to 2009 Racing Rules. A companion volume to "Performance Racing Trim".
183 Pages • softcover • 2010
by Gladstone, Bill
6th ed. A companion to "North U. Racing Tactics", this volume covers sail trim, boat speed, helmsmanship, and boat handling. Subjects include upwind sailing and boat handling, spinnaker handling and trim, and asymmetrical spinnakers. A special "Trim Solutions" section offers answers to the most baffling problems in upwind performance.

208 Pages • softcover • 2003
by Gibson, Rob
Great tips and pointers on a fundamental subject of good seamanship--sail trim--that are written more for cruisers than racers. Gibson covers all aspects of trim, from the basics to the finer points of setting the spinnaker. Lots of helpful illustrations.
88 Pages • softcover • 2010
by Fernhurst Books
A quick reference guide that covers the racing essentials: courses, rules, the start, the legs--beat, reach, downwind--mark rounding, the finish, protests, and flags, all in a splash-proof, easy-access format.
24 Pages • spiral • 2019
by Emmett, John
Emmett covers common tactics used in yacht racing, with discussions of the pre-start, the start, the various legs, and manoeuvres. Each chapter highlights which tactics are best for sailors of different skill levels, explaining them with illustrations and diagrams. Emmett, a British, European, and world sailing champion, coached the 2012 Olympic Laser radial gold medalist.
104 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Emmett, Jon
This book identifies and explains specific training exercises for each part of a sailing race. Each illustrated exercise includes explanations of the skills being trained (and why) and includes ways to make the exercise either simpler or more difficult. This book can help focus training sessions, and is an excellent tool for crews without access to a coach. Emmett is a British, European, and world sailing champion, and coached the 2012 Olympic Laser radial gold medallist.
80 Pages • softcover • 2019