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Holiday Selection
A curated selection of our latest and greatest titles just in time for the holidays
by Fleming, Meg
A rhyming book about a tiger and a turtle on a happy day cruise. Follow these salty sailors as they haul up the anchor, raise their sails, and explore the sea. After their long day on the water, they share tales of all the things they've seen! "Shout your orders loud and fast. Hoist the mainsail up the mast!" Ages 2 to 5.
32 Pages • hardcover • 2018
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Three Bears in a Boat
by Soman, David
Three bears set off in a little boat to find a new shell to replace one they accidentally broke. Adventures ensue: vast seas, huge whales, salty sailors, and a treacherous storm. This beautifully illustrated book also carries a lesson about taking responsibility for your actions. Ages 3 to 5.
40 Pages • hardcover • 2014


by Buzzeo, Tony & Tom Froese
This nonfiction ode to boats features six kinds of workers and their boats--a patrol boat, a tugboat, a car ferry, a lobster boat, a lifeboat, and a fireboat--with important parts properly labeled. The answer to each inquiring refrain lies under a gatefold, engaging the reader in an informative guessing game. With lyrical (and factual!) text by New York Times bestselling author Toni Buzzeo, and the stylized art of Tom Froese, this sturdy board book is perfect for curious and playful young readers. Ages 4 and under.
16 Pages • hardcover • 2018
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by Scott, Lisa Ann
A playful parody of Goodnight Moon, featuring pirates, a narwhal, a sleepy mermaid, and creatures of the ocean. Join the mermaid as she says goodnight to the lagoon--to the pirate and the dune, to the whales and sails, to the seashells and the ship bells. Ages 4 to 8.
40 Pages • hardcover • 2019
by Britz, Caroline
Ropework has always been fun for kids to learn--and Britz's illustrated step-by-step instructions of 18 nautical knots is sure to help parents and children master this skill together. Ages 6 to 10.
64 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Pickersgill, Kristie
Meet an amazing array of ships and boats to engage young boat enthusiasts! Fully illustrated, Pickersgill's book organizes its dozens of ships into themed pages. You'll find famous ships, sailing ships, battleships, submarines, and many more. Great for developing vocabulary and language skills and nautical knowledge. Board Book. All ages.
116 Pages • • 2021
by Ellis, Paula
Here's a wonderful educational tool, ideal for long car and boat rides as well as quiet time. Young readers can explore the history, geography, nature, and commerce of the Great Lakes with region-specific illustrations to colour, word games, conned the dots exercises, bingo games, and more. Sure to entertain kids for hours. Ages 5 to 10.
64 Pages • softcover • 2015
by Beck, Paul
Part of the Inside Out series of books. Alongside beautiful illustrations and photographs, are fascinating explanations of eveything you need to know about pirates from swabbing the deck and walking the plank to pirate plunder and famous pirates. Ages 10 and up.
16 Pages • hardcover • 2020
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by Hamilton, Kersten
When a family on a sailing outing gets stuck in a surprise storm, there's only one boat tough enough to handle the rocking waves and howling winds: Blue Boat! A rhyming book about a vehicle who saves the day. Ages 2 to 5.
32 Pages • hardcover • 2016
$21.99  Save 68%  $6.99
by Forshaw, Louise, illus.
A novelty board book about boats, with push, pull and turning mechanisms. With lots to see, children can have fun as they set sail, pulling and turning the tabs. Enjoy hoisting a sail, catching some tasty fish and even working a lighthouse. Children will love playing with this bright and colourful board book with gentle rhyming text
10 Pages • hardcover • 2019
by Lanan, Jessica
A fisherman takes his son for a trip on the water, where they encounter a whale entangled in a net. They try to help and quickly sense a connection that transcends the animal kingdom. Dramatic watercolour illustrations bring to life a wordless story about wonder and the natural world. Stunning watercolour illustrations. Very imaginative. Ages 3 to 6.
48 Pages • hardcover • 2019