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Stress-Free Sailing
by Wells, Duncan
Many common sailing scenarios contribute to sailing short-handed--from couples with young children to be supervised, to solo deliveries. Wells provides clever, original techniques and solutions for handling the range of essential operations on a boat when crew is scarce--from sail setting and reefing, to picking up mooring buoys in a variety of wind and tide situations, anchoring, berthing and leaving a pontoon shorthanded, picking up a man overboard, sailing in fog and heavy weather--and even going up the mast. Organized by activity, the book features step-by-step sequential photos showing exactly how to approach each situation and safely complete the task.
160 Pages • softcover • 2015
by Wells, Duncan
This guide condenses material from Stress-Free Sailing and Stress-Free Motorboating into a smaller quick reference book. Using step-by-step photographic instructions, this on-board practical guide teaches how to approach mooring and berthing situations whether in a yacht or motorboat. The techniques explained are applicable anywhere in the world, on any type and size of boat.
112 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Rowell, Simon
Rowell begins with an explanation of the basic principles that govern the weather, and then explains global, regional, and local weather patterns so you can understand what is happening around you, how conditions might change, and why. The teaching is illustrated with real situations, to help you apply weather theory to practical sailing scenarios.
80 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Pearson, Malcolm
7th ed. A bestseller since it was first published, Reeds is packed with information, helpful diagrams, practical tips, and expert advice. It answers navigational questions such as "How do I transfer a position line on a chart?" and "What do three all-round green lights mean?"--not to mention "What is the captain doing?" Experienced boaters and novices alike will find this clearly illustrated, information-packed volume indispensible.
204 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Dedekam, Ivar
A fabulous book. Dedekam's concise text is well-illustrated, making the answers to your trim and tuning questions easy to find, understand, and implement.
80 Pages • softcover • 1998
by Bruce, Peter; Foreword By Robin Knox-Johnston
7th ed. For 50 years, "Heavy Weather Sailing" has been the standard reference for seamanship in gale conditions, with input by such renowned sailors as Ewan Southby-Tailyour, Alex Whitworth, Lin and Larry Pardey, and Peter Cook. This edition includes updates to the "Expert Advice" section to reflect current tactics, strategies, and best practices. Also revised is the "Taking Refuge" advice and the chapters on preparing for rough weather and the effects of rough weather on yacht design.
309 Pages • hardcover • 2016
by Vigor, John
No matter what type of sailboat you have, Vigor's solid practical advice and invaluable tips can make your life easier. The 200 entries here are categorized alphabetically and prefaced by frank observations such as: "People always lie about how fast their boats are." It's all presented so you can dip in for a nugget or two, or devour the book from front to back.
240 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Pickthall, Barry
2nd ed. Pickthall's easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to dinghies takes you through foundational principles, preparing to sail, your first sail, advanced sailing, and the basics of racing. He also provides advice on choosing a dinghy, essential gear, sailing manoeuvres, and dealing with tides, wind, and weather--all linked to the courses delivered by the UK's biggest sailing school, the UKSA.

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184 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Cunliffe, Tom
6th ed. Cunliffe covers the subjects in the Royal Yachting Association's Day Skipper syllabus through a step-by-step learning system, beginning with yacht handling under power, moving on to sailing skills and ending with GPS navigation.
208 Pages • hardcover • 2020
by Noice, Alison
2nd ed. A companion to the author's Day Skipper for Sail and Power, this volume contains practice questions on chartwork, tides, pilotage, and passage planning--and answers them with detailed explanations. The updated edition adds new general knowledge questions on seamanship, anchorwork, ropework, and the Rules of the Road.
128 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Noice, Alison And Roger Seymour
5th ed. This major reference for passing the RYA Yachtmaster course covers chartwork, electronic navigation, pilotage, communications, weather, safety and survival, stability, buoyancy, and more. Updated in both content and design, it's an essential learning companion while taking the Yachtmaster courses--power or sail--and an aid for exam preparation.
256 Pages • hardcover • 2020