Stocking Stuffers

by Sandall, Philippa
Here's an unusual take: a cat's-eye view of maritime history. Narrator and able sea-cat Bart sets the record straight, bringing the news about just how indespensible cats have been at sea. Among the 38 true tales told here are the adventures of Trim (who circumnavigated Australia), Tom (the sole feline to survive the sinking of the USS Maine), and celebrity cat Simon (a veteran of the Yangtze Incident). Brimming with nautical trivia, rare photographs, and whimsical illustrations, this book will inform and delight.
246 Pages • hardcover • 2018
by Barrett, Cynthia
Everyday speech is peppered with sailing lingo. You hear it, for example, when people say they're "pooped" because they stayed to the "bitter end" of "happy hour." This book presents 200 words and expressions that have nautical roots, and includes excerpts from the great seafaring novels of Melville, O'Brian, Forester, and others.
192 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Lincoln, Gareth
This splash-proof, flat-lying, easy-to-follow guide explains the types of braided rope--and tells you where on a racing sailboat to use them and how to splice them.
24 Pages • spiral • 2020
by Jollands, Simon
A pocket-sized, quick reference guide to the essential navigational lights, shapes, and seamarks seen on ships and coastlines worldwide. Laid out simply for accessibility, it enables crew, navigators, skippers, and even casual day guests to quickly identify lights, marks, and shapes displayed night and day.
128 Pages • softcover • 2019
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by Pearson, Malcolm
7th ed. A bestseller since it was first published, Reeds is packed with information, helpful diagrams, practical tips, and expert advice. It answers navigational questions such as "How do I transfer a position line on a chart?" and "What do three all-round green lights mean?"--not to mention "What is the captain doing?" Experienced boaters and novices alike will find this clearly illustrated, information-packed volume indispensible.
204 Pages • softcover • 2020
Reeds Diesel Engine Troubleshooting Handbook
by Pickthall, Barry
This pocket-sized guide-perfect for on-board impromptu use--can help you solve the most common engine problems . . . and some weird ones, too. Engine problems are discussed with clear step-by-step instructions, illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams that show you exactly what to do.
128 Pages • softcover • 2013
$18.00  Save 72%  $4.99
by Singleton, Frank

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3rd ed. A pocket-sized guide with all the tools for predicting and dealing with local and distant weather conditions. Singleton divides the content into digestible bits, covering the full spectrum of events, from light breezes to cyclones. Practical explanations and helpful diagrams and photographs make this is an ideal aide-memoire for skippers and sailors. The 2019 update has a particular focus on the increasing use of GRIB files and computer weather modelling.
144 Pages • softcover • 2019
$19.00  Save 47%  $9.99