Stocking Stuffers

by Swan Neal, Amanda
This unusual and whimsical sea-themed adult colouring book takes you on an exploratory adventure that can help you understand the six systems that make a marine diesel engine work. The notes and labels identify the individual components of each system that you colour. A trio of experts put it together: offshore sailing instructor Amanda Swan Neal (creator), sailing artist Andrea England (illustrator) and diesel engine author Nigel Calder (content reviewer).
20 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Cassidy, John
A step-by-step illustrated guide to tying 23 useful knots, hitches, ties, and wraps. The book's board pages are die-cut so that each knot can be practised next to its illustration using (included) lengths of nylon cord. Any knot enthusiast aged 8 and up can learn from and have fun with this little volume.
unpaginated Pages • hardcover • 2017
Reeds Diesel Engine Troubleshooting Handbook
by Pickthall, Barry
This pocket-sized guide-perfect for on-board impromptu use--can help you solve the most common engine problems . . . and some weird ones, too. Engine problems are discussed with clear step-by-step instructions, illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams that show you exactly what to do.
128 Pages • softcover • 2013
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by Jollands, Simon

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A pocket-sized, quick reference guide to the essential navigational lights, shapes, and seamarks seen on ships and coastlines worldwide. Laid out simply for accessibility, it enables crew, navigators, skippers, and even casual day guests to quickly identify lights, marks, and shapes displayed night and day.
128 Pages • softcover • 2019
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by Singleton, Frank
3rd ed. A pocket-sized guide with all the tools for predicting and dealing with local and distant weather conditions. Singleton divides the content into digestible bits, covering the full spectrum of events, from light breezes to cyclones. Practical explanations and helpful diagrams and photographs make this is an ideal aide-memoire for skippers and sailors. The 2019 update has a particular focus on the increasing use of GRIB files and computer weather modelling.
144 Pages • softcover • 2019
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by McClatchy, J.D.
A lovely little poetry anthology that celebrates the sea. Bound-in bookmarking ribbon makes it easy to dip in and out. Includes works by poets from ancient and modern times, from Homer to Frost, Milton, Tennyson, Coleridge, and Masefield, among many others.
251 Pages • hardcover • 2001
by Vincent, Pete & Penni Vincent
Here are the trade secrets of making lasting, strong, and invisible repairs, all presented in easy-to-understand steps. The Vincents review the equipment, tools, and materials you need and then explain the eight stages of a fibreglass repair job, from initial prep to final polish in terms novices can understand. The jobs described extend from small nicks, scratches, and scuffs, to repairing star-crazing and deeper areas, deck/hull joints, and non-slip surfaces. Moving fittings and testing and fixing leaks are also covered.
24 Pages • spiral • 2019
by Buchan, Alastair
A compact guide, splash-proof and spiral bound, that provides a timetable for developing a passage plan and discusses all the elements you should consider: port information, routeing, weather, tides, timing, and safety. It also includes advice on ship management during the passage, such as the crew briefing, roles, routines, pre-sail checks, watch keeping, and much more.
24 Pages • spiral • 2019
Ships of the Great Lakes Playing Cards
by Markham, Peter
This unique deck of playing cards features Peter Markham's professional-quality photos of the most spectacular ships plying the Great Lakes.
by Britmar
These flip cards depict situations that are likely to occur when involved in traffic at sea. In each case you are in command and looking forward from the various vessels (power driven, fishing, sailing on both tacks) at a situation that is developing. On the reverse of the card is the correct course of action, and the relevant rule. 50 cards in the set.
by Llewellyn, Sam
This sea thriller by the venerable Sam Llewellyn features Gavin Chance, an ex-policeman, Olympic sailor, and unsuccessful yacht broker who made his first appearance in "Black Fish". Now he is skippering an oligarch's superyacht on a seaborne tour of Scottish distilleries. Gavin once had a difficult relationship with whisky. On this cruise, "difficult" may turn into "lethal" . . . .
220 Pages • softcover • 2018