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by Palin, Michael
Famous as a traveller, writer, and comedian, former Python Michael Palin brings his eye for detail and his storytelling skills to two important and chilly expeditions made by the Royal Navy's HMS Erebus--to opposite ends of the globe--before the ship's loss in 1848 on John Franklin's final voyage.
352 Pages • softcover • 2018
by Buchanan, Dan
The HMS Speedy sank off Lake Ontario's Presqu'ile Point in an October snowstorm in 1804--a tragedy that had far-reaching repercussions for the young British colony of Upper Canada. Its story is entwined with ones of murder and revenge, tensions between Indigenous peoples and public opinion, best laid plans, and unexpected outcomes.

288 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Ujifusa, Steven
In the days of sail, a handful of cutthroat competitors raced to build the fastest, finest, most profitable clipper ships, spurred on by the lure of profit-these vessels carried tea, silk, and porcelain (funded by profits from opium) between China and America. Ujifusa brings alive the visionary eccentric shipbuilders, the debonair captains, and the socially-ambitious merchants--men whose domains included the cloistered confines of China's expatriate communities, the sin-city decadence of Gold Rush-era San Francisco, the hubbub of East Boston's shipyards and the gentility of lavish Hudson Valley estates.
448 Pages • softcover • 2019
$24.99  Save 64%  $8.99
by McGoogan, Ken
This vivid, comprehensive recasting of Arctic-exploration history challenges the narrative that emerged out of Victorian England, which focused almost exclusively on Royal Navy officers. McGoogan integrates the stories of non-British and fur-trading explorers and, above all, Canada's Indigenous peoples, bringing the story into the twenty-first century. An example: without the assistance of the Inuit, the final resting place of Franklin's lost ships, Erebus and Terror, would still be disputed.
448 Pages • hardcover • 2018
$33.99  Save 74%  $8.99
by McCarthy, Tom, ed.
Absorbing and entertaining, these stories of life, death, and hope will inspire with their subtexts about resilience and unimagined strength. In each true tale, against all odds, the sailors' indomitable spirit allowed them to buckle down and do what they had to do to survive the worst the sea could throw at them.
288 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Bree, Marlin
An award-winning journalist, Bree expertly crafts his true tales about the world's wickedest waters, salt and fresh. He casts a spell with 21 stories of notorious storms, shipwrecks, and brave crews fighting incredible challenges--and usually winning.
240 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Moore, Peter
Named a Sunday Times Best Book of 2018 and the winner of the Mary Soames Award for History, this is a revealing and comprehensive account of the Endeavour's role in shaping the Western world. Notably, Endeavour carried James Cook on his first major voyage--but this ship had many lives. Later, during 1776 battles for control of New York, Endeavour witnessed the birth of the American republic. During its career, its cargo and passengers ranged from botanists, a Polynesian priest, and the remains of the first kangaroo to arrive in Britain, to Newcastle coal and Hessian soldiers. With his careful research, Moore shines new light on the ambition and consequences of the Age of Enlightenment.

420 Pages • hardcover • 2019
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by Eden, Paul E.
An illustrated, in-depth history of Britain's Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force (SARF), from its roots in the Second World War through its 2016 disbandment. With a forward by the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, the account is brought to life with photographs from the RAF's archive and interviews with former crew members.
192 Pages • hardcover • 2020