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Sea Over Bow by Linda Kenyon
by Kenyon, Linda
When her marriage of 25 years ended badly, Linda Kenyon was determined never to put herself in the way of a broken heart again. Enter an extraordinary man. In an act of courage--or foolishness?--Kenyon decided to sell everything and sail the Atlantic with him. This romance-cum-sailing-adventure is about love's rebirth: love for a man, for the sea, for the simplicity of life afloat, and for the beauty of the natural world.
240 Pages • softcover • 2018
by Pascoe, Kitiara
Filled with self-doubt and an inexperienced sailor to boot, Kit Pascoe set sail with her partner on a life-changing adventure. Woven into her memoir of their travels are stories about her battles with anxiety and feelings of being lost as a graduate in post-recession Britain. After three years of voyaging and more than 18,000 sea miles, she returned to Britain an experienced cruiser and more confident person.
264 Pages • softcover • 2018
$26.95  Save 26%  $20.00
by Calder, Nigel
Known for his technical expertise, Calder here tells the story of his first round-the-world voyage. He began as a novice cruiser with grand ambitions, then came hard-won lessons about troubleshooting engines, kedging off shoals and reefs, and safe navigation. Part adventure story, part Caribbean travelogue, and part chronicle of instructional experiences, this is also a great family memoir.
208 Pages • hardcover • 2018
$34.00  Save 56%  $14.99
by Kretschmer, John
With hundreds of thousands of nautical miles under his keel, Kretschmer's adventures have taken him several times around the world, with challenging crossings of the Atlantic and the Pacific, a narrow escape from a coup in Yemen, an unlikely deliverance from a coral reef off Belize, as well as more serene, introspective passages where trade winds are blowing and stories are flowing. His crew has included CEOs, actors, writers, teachers, kids--in essence, everyone. Kretschmer's narrative is interwoven with practical tips and advice on seamanship, but also, and just as importantly, his hard-won insights about making the most of our lives.
277 Pages • hardcover • 2018
$37.00  Save 46%  $19.99
by Craven, Caspar
In June 2009, Caspar Craven and his wife Nichola decided to sail around the world with their young children. They planned for five years then took two years to live their dream. This is their memoir of their voyage of unconventional living and learning--complete with its highs and lows, the magical and the frightening. Their tale of enthusiasm and adventure is highlighted with practical tips and informative sidebars.
320 Pages • hardcover • 2018
$34.00  Save 71%  $9.99
by Kennedy, Maxwell Taylor
The author recounts the adventures of the schooner "Valkyrien" and crew on an unhappy passage from San Francisco to Washington DC. With aplomb and humour, Taylor describes the trip's pleasures and perils, its changing circumstances and continual setbacks.
280 Pages • softcover • 2018
by Cronkhite, Kaci
Having fallen hopelessly in love with a 1930s Danish spidsgatter--a beautifully constructed 25-foot wooden double-ender--Cronkhite embarked on an international search to discover the story of the boat's past and the many lives "Pax" had touched.
224 Pages • softcover • 2018
$23.95  Save 79%  $4.99
by Gornall, Jonathan
With no prior experience, Gornall set out to build a wooden boat for his newborn daughter. This book is the record of his experiences and what he learned--it's an ode to building a boat by hand in the modern age, a celebration of the beauty and function of sailing craft, and a moving father-daughter story.
288 Pages • hardcover • 2018
by Martin, Finley
Not all dreams have happy endings. This is the funny and bittersweet memoir of a Prince Edward Island man who built a classic 1930s wooden sailboat and set out to circumnavigate eastern North America. Sailing alone, he encountered heavy fog, survived near-misses with freighters, dealt with mechanical breakdowns, enormous seas, and other brushes with disaster--until it all came to an inglorious and mundane end in Peoria, Illinois.
280 Pages • softcover • 2018
by Freeman, Peter
GPS did not exist when Peter Freeman set out alone in 1984 on the 32-foot sloop he and his wife had built. Over the next two years, he navigated right around the globe using a compass, a sextant, books of tables, and his wits. He survived a severe lightning event, as well as snow- and hailstorms, and rebuilt the self-steering rudder, repaired torn sails, and fixed broken gear. His voyage began and ended in Victoria, British Columbia--and set a new world record. This is his memoir.
348 Pages • softcover • 2018
by Hayden, Sterling
Hayden was at the peak of his Hollywood career when he walked out of the spotlight. With his four children, he set sail in the schooner "Wanderer" for the South Seas. His memoir was first published in 1963.
452 Pages • softcover • 2018
by McCullough, Amy
This is the true story of two part-time sailors who decided to do something big--sail around the world in a small boat. An alternative journalist from Oregon, McCullough shares stories of sailing the California Coast at Thanksgiving, of rounding Punta Gorda in a storm, and of being escorted by dolphins in the Channel Islands. This is an engaging tale of two "normal people" tackling the dream.
304 Pages • softcover • 2015
by Ashcroft, Tami Oldham with Susea Mcgearhart
A harrowing true story of survival at sea. In 1983, Ashcroft (then 23) spent 41 days alone on a 44-foot yawl after her partner was swept overboard and lost during a hurricane in the South Pacific. Her story was originally published in 2003 as "Red Sky in Mourning"; re-issued and renamed to coincide with a 2018 feature film.
240 Pages • softcover • 2018
$19.99  Save 70%  $5.99
by Turney, Chris
On Christmas Eve 2013, an abrupt weather change trapped the "Shokalskiy"--carrying earth scientist Chris Turney and 71 members of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition--in densely packed sea ice off the eastern coast of Antarctica. The ship's hull was breached and steerage lost when the wind began to drive the vessel toward the frozen continent, threatening shipwreck. The forecast offered no hope--worse, a blizzard was coming. Turney chronicles this ordeal with reference to polar explorer Ernest Shackleton's harrowing Antarctic expedition almost a century earlier.
320 Pages • hardcover • 2017
$30.95  Save 42%  $17.95