by Williams, Sue
With no affinity for the sea and not a single adventure-seeking bone in her body, Sue Williams headed off into the North Atlantic in the wake of a perfect storm of personal events. Two things were clear to her: her sons were adults and needed freedom to figure things out for themselves, and it was now or never for her husband to realize his dream to cross an ocean under sail.

304 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Corradi, Juan E.

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Pirate, a Swan 38, is the star of this narrative. Corradi has sailed and raced this beloved black-hulled yacht from Bermuda to the Mediterranean, back to the Carribean, and into Baltic and Arctic waters with his wife, Christina, and circle of close friends. His tale has cheerful erudition and a worldly viewpoint, and just might inspire you take off and see the world from deck level.
187 Pages • hardcover • 2019
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by Moitessier, Bernard
Bernard Moitessier was a leading competitor in the first Round the World Race for singlehanded yachts. But for Moitessier, the race finished in mid-Pacific: he decided to forfeit the race and anchor among old friends in Tahiti. A thought-provoking and moving account of a man's voyage inward, as well as an informative look at singlehanding. First published in 1971.
256 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Moitessier, Bernard
Moitessier's notebooks include all the know-how and the 1001 tips of this legendary sailor. The first part of this book details how to prepare for an extensive cruise (boat, rigging, sails, anchors), the second describes the passage (weather, navigation, watchkeeping), and in the third part Moitessier takes us to the various islands he visited and shows how to adapt to living in exotic environments.
216 Pages • softcover • 2019
by O'Coineen, Enda
The 2016 Vendee Globe race had an Irish skipper competing for the first time, as Irish businessman Enda O'Coineen sailed the Kilcullen Voyager into the history books. This grand solo voyage did not go according to plan. He didn't succeed in sailing around the world at his first attempt due to a broken mast, his default mode was honour his initial goal and succeed second time around.

250 Pages • softcover • 2019
by MacFarlane, John & Lynn J. Salmon
This is the first independent account of the remarkable voyage of John Voss, who circumnavigated the globe in Tilikum, an authentic dugout cedar canoe, in the early 20th century. With hopes of winning fame and wealth, Voss set out 1901 from Victoria, BC, taking more than 36 months to achieve his goal. He later produced a book that was apparently compromised by poor memory, brazen ego, and untruths. To set the story straight, marine historians Macfarlane and Salmon sifted fact from fiction, comparing the claims in Voss' manuscripts with research from libraries, archives, museums, and other primary sources. Theirs is a fair account that nevertheless gives full due to the bravery, sheer luck, and tragedy of the voyage.
256 Pages • hardcover • 2019
by Harvey, Brian
After a quarter-century away from boats, Brian Harvey circumnavigated Vancouver Island with his wife, his dog, and a box of troubling documents that came to light following his father's death. A neurosurgeon, violinist, and photographer, John Harvey was a decade into retirement when a sheriff delivered a summons and a malpractice suit to his door. In this beautifully written memoir of voyaging with his father's ghost, Brian Harvey shares how he discovers what happened in the operating room that crucial night, and why his father felt compelled to fight the devastating accusations.
360 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Ashcroft, Tami Oldham with Susea Mcgearhart
A harrowing true story of survival at sea. In 1983, Ashcroft (then 23) spent 41 days alone on a 44-foot yawl after her partner was swept overboard and lost during a hurricane in the South Pacific. Her story was originally published in 2003 as "Red Sky in Mourning"; re-issued and renamed to coincide with a 2018 feature film.
240 Pages • softcover • 2018
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by Cronkhite, Kaci
Having fallen hopelessly in love with a 1930s Danish spidsgatter--a beautifully constructed 25-foot wooden double-ender--Cronkhite embarked on an international search to discover the story of the boat's past and the many lives "Pax" had touched.
224 Pages • softcover • 2018
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by Clutterbuck, Peter
Encouraged by his parents to become more self-sufficient, the author (only 16 at the time) decided to test his mettle in the family's 16-foot open dinghy "Calypso". He restored the Wayfayer, set out, and was hit by a Force 7 gale. Survival spurred him on to sail across the English Channel and through the Bay of Biscay, down the French canals, into the Med, up to the North Sea, and across the Baltic to Oslo.
208 Pages • softcover • 2018
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by Craven, Caspar
In June 2009, Caspar Craven and his wife Nichola decided to sail around the world with their young children. They planned for five years then took two years to live their dream. This is their memoir of their voyage of unconventional living and learning--complete with its highs and lows, the magical and the frightening. Their tale of enthusiasm and adventure is highlighted with practical tips and informative sidebars.
320 Pages • hardcover • 2018
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