Master 500 Gross Tonnage Near Coastal

The holder of this certificate may act as Master on board a vessel of not more than 500 gross tonnage engaged on a near coastal voyage, as Chief Mate on board a vessel of not more than 3000 gross tonnage engaged on a near coastal voyage and as Master of a vessel of any tonnage engaged on a sheltered waters voyage. There is an age requirement (20 years old) for this certification.

This page provides a guide to the examinations required for this certification, and those examinations are further discussed on their respective pages.

Be sure to also check:

License Requirements (refer to section 126)

Syllabus and Validity of Certificates (Page 128, Section 8)









SIM2, after obtaining SEN Level II

Oral examination on general seamanship, after meeting the other requirements of the Certificate.


3 thoughts on “Master 500 Gross Tonnage Near Coastal

  1. Hello, I have my master 150 gt. once I acquire the needed amount of sea time, am I able to go for my 500 tonne license or do i need a watch keeping mate licence first?

    1. You can go straight for the 500 after acquiring the 150, but you have to be on a boat more than 25 tons for qualifying service.

  2. Has anyone heard if the MED for Senior Officers is being replaced, or just dropped from the requirements? Thanks.

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