SM4 – Ship Management 4

Ship Management 4

The examination consists of a written test comprising descriptive and calculation exercises. It is three hours in duration. This exam is for Near Coastal and Master Mariners, as such it requires a more in depth understanding of the pertinent laws and how they affect ship’s business. The scope of the exam is less broad than SM3 but it is assumed that you still have an understanding of the information that had been covered. There is an emphasis on insurance and liability as well as international pollution laws. The pertinent laws are listed below. Most of the Canadian laws and regulations covered in this exam are provided as open book resources.

To see a full list and descriptions of the topics covered by the exam please refer to the exam’s Syllabus (Page 73, Section 5.11).

The following open-book resources will be allowed in the examination room:


It is required to have an awareness of the following resources, but they won’t available to you during the examination.


Recommended Reading:

Master’s Handbook on Ship’s Business, 3rd edition

As was the case with SM3, this text is important reading for this exam. It has chapters on insurance, lading and chartering as well as general ship’s business knowledge. It is clearly written and easy to follow, a nice departure from studying legislation directly.


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