This page is a list of all the exams required for Transport Canada licenses. They are in alphabetical, then numerical, order.


ASTRO2- Celestial Navigation 2

BWR- Bridge Watch Rating

Chief Mate Limited, Practical

Chief Mate 150 Gross Tonnage, Oral

CP1- Chartwork and Pilotage 1

CP2- Chartwork and Pilotage 2

COM1- Communications 1

COM2- Communications 2

CG1- Cargo 1

CG2- Cargo 2

CG3- Cargo 3

DEV- Deviascope

EK1- Engineering Knowledge I

EK2- Engineering Knowledge 2

GSK3- General Ship Knowledge 3

Master 500 Gross Tonnage, Near Coastal, Oral

Master 150 Gross Tonnage, Oral

Master Limited, Practical

MET1- Meteorology 1

MET2- Meteorology 2

NS1- Navigation Safety 1

NS2- Navigation Safety 2

NS/I- Navigation Systems and Instruments

SCS3- Ship Construction and Stability 3

SCS4- Ship Construction and Stability 4

SCS5- Ship Construction and Stability 5

SIM1- Simulated Electronic Navigation 1

SIM2- Simulated Electronic Navigation 2

 SM2- Ship Management 2

SM3- Ship Management 3

SM4- Ship Management 4

SVMO- Small Vessel Machinery Operator Oral/Practical

SVMO- Small Vessel Machinery Operator Written

WKM- Watchkeeping Mate Oral

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  1. Hello

    I am looking for some insight in where to get information on the syllabus and literature/texts necessary in order to challenge the SM4 exam. As the courses are available so rarely, I will be self-studying but am not sure where to start to gather the necessary study material. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks


    1. Contact me on Facebook.

      1. Hi, i am looking for preparation material/notes for SM 4 written examination. Please let me know if somebody can help me out. You can reach me at haris505@outlook.com

  2. Dear Jocelyn,

    I am also looking same information to write my SM4 Exam(SHIP MANAGEMENT LEVEL-4),
    I would be highly obliged if you could advise me any necessary material in this regard.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Best Rgds.


  3. I am looking for some infos for SM 3, the list of stuff to study on TP2293 seems exhaustive!

    1. Hi Reynald,
      The syllabus on TP2293, under section 5.10 (page 69) is everything you need to cover going into the SM3 exam. The list of publications at the beginning is all of the items that you will have with you in the exam, as it is partially open book. Even though you will have access to these publications in the exam, it is recommended that you have at least a working knowledge of them, as you will not have enough time to finish the exam if you don’t have at least an idea of where to look to answer the different questions.
      There are also publications that you will not have access to during the exam, anything listed in the syllabus that is not also listed at the beginning of section 5.10 will not be available to you in the exam, and as such you need to have a good knowledge of these titles before writing. I hope this helps.

      1. Thanks a lot for your answer! Finally, it wasn’t that hard. Most answers were found in the publications.

        1. (The provided publications)

          1. Hi…I’m appearing for my SM 3 next month…any information on study material /notes? Thanks

        2. Hi RC,
          It would be much helpful, if you could share what and from where did u prepare for your SM3 Exam?

          Naveen R

  4. I am looking for some references and documents to study for my CG3 exam. Any thoughts on what could be helpful?

    Thank you
    Louis D.

  5. Hi
    I have got Masters Unlimited Certificate of competency issued by Indian Government. I have got Canadian PR and will be moving to Canada soon. Any guidance on how to get the Canadian COC will be appreciated as i want to start preparing before I land.

    TC has said that they will only guide once i have landed in Canada and have visited their local office.

    Any help will be appreciated. I am reachable at manimakkar@gmail.com

  6. Hi, I am looking for some info for SM 3, NS/I and NS2 for my exams. I went over the syllabus on TP2293 but i am looking for something more comprehensive and concentrated.
    Any suggestions?

  7. Hello
    I am looking for books and study material for Master’s exam by Transport Canada.
    Will be doing self study. Any suggestions.
    Thanks a lot
    Email – palam333@gmail.com

  8. Good day to all,

    I ma looking for information on reference books/material for the NS&I examination. Any thoughts or any experience about it? Many thanks.

  9. Hey I am looking for information and study help for SM4

  10. Where can I find the syllabus for SM3 ? As there is no link for it in the top or the SM2 syllabus covers all of it?.

    Naveen R

  11. hello all,
    I know its a deck side specific web portal but I will be lucky enough if someone can guide me from where to prepare for class 1 chief engineer oral examination .
    many thanks in advance .

  12. Hi,I was wondering if anyone wrote the SM4 exam lately. I got some notes but I am not sure if it’s current with today’s exams. Any info is appreciated

  13. I am looking for some exam reviews for completing my fishing masters 4. I need my chart work, stability etc. Plz help me find some review tests. I’m struggling. I’ve completed all my courses leading up to the exams.

  14. Hi there. Is there any sources out there to get some practice exam questions for Master Limited under 60?

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