SVMO Written

Small Vessel Machinery Operator – Written

Whether you are going for the Unrestricted or the Restricted SVMO you will write the same exam. Though it is titled ‘Small Vessel’ the certificate covers vessels with main propulsion of up to 3000kw in certain situations. (This is about 4000 HP, not a small engine at all!)


SVMO Written (Page 307, Section 33.3)

Recommended Reading:

Introduction to Marine Engineering This is an overall introduction to all aspects of marine engineering. It is written from the perspective of engineering officers and is a great resource for the beginner or for those with experience that are just looking to expand their knowledge.

Reed’s Instruments and Control Systems for Deck Officers This book is intended for Deck Officers to help them understand the workings of the machinery they rely upon. As such it does not into the same depth as proper engineering books, but it is still a good book and covers all the aspects you need to know about for the exam.

Pocket Book of Marine Engineering Questions This book is full of engineering questions and answers. It is intended for self-study and covers all areas of engineering. The level of the questions in the book are meant for those going for a 4th Engineer’s license, so it is more advanced than SVMO level, but nonetheless quite useful. It is a good way to quiz yourself, and if you can answer these questions then SVMO will be no problem.

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