Watchkeeping Mate (WKM)

The WKM certificate is the basic STCW Mate level.  The certificate allows the holder to be Officer of the Watch (OOW) on any tonnage, any voyage; it also allows for Chief Mate on vessels <3000 GT on any voyage, and Chief Mate on any tonnage, Sheltered Waters.

Note that there is also a Near Coastal version of this certificate, which has all of the requirements of the full license, but omits the Celestial Navigation exam. This means that you are restricted to vessels that operate in sea areas of NC1 or less. The tonnage restrictions are the same as the full certificate.

This page provides a guide to the examinations required for this certification, and those examinations are further discussed on their respective pages.

Be sure to also check:

License Requirements (Refer to section 134)

Syllabus and Validity of Certificates (Page 192, Section 15.2)












WKM Oral

Recommended Reading:

The following are books that cover a broad scope of information, and can be used as a reference throughout the entirety of the licensing process and into your professional career. We recommend that you choose the publication that best complements your learning style and personal preferences.

Bowditch (aka the American Practical Navigator) is great for someone who benefits from looking at  snapshots of many different topics. The book glimpses into the basics of almost any nautically themed subject matter, and lays it out straightforwardly. However, if you are looking for a very detailed publication, this may not be your best choice.

Merchant Marine Officer’s Handbook Although this reference was published in the United States, the content is very valuable to the Canadian licensee. This guide is referred to as the bible for any OOW, and includes both reference material and quiz questions for studying purposes.

American Merchant Seaman’s Manual is a really great reference for the working professional. It is very wide in scope and holds a lot of great information for somebody who enjoys both working on deck and on the bridge. This is truly a comprehensive guide for a well-rounded mariner.

Reeds Superyacht Manual is specifically geared towards yachts and other small vessel operations; however, it includes important fundamentals for every mariner. Subjects include safety, navigation, meteorology, marine radio, marine law, flag state requirements, and general ship knowledge. It is a user friendly guide for somebody who has a solid foundation in small vessel operations, and is seeking to expand into yacht work.

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  1. The Information you have compiled is extremely helpful, thank you for all your hard work!

    I have worked though several certificates including bridge watch, master 60ton and OOW. I recommend the Reeds Super yacht Manual regardless of what kind of ship you work on. It covers all topics and I bring it with me on every ship, it is a great reference to flip through when you forget something or to upkeep your knowledge.

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