SVMO Oral/Practical

Small Vessel Machinery Operator – Oral/Practical

Depending on whether you are going for the Restricted or Unrestricted SVMO you will sit for either an Oral or a Practical Exam, both use the same syllabus.

There is a component of the exam that is based upon “Compliance with Legislative Requirements” (Acts and Regulations), the relevant pieces are listed below, with links. Don’t be intimidated by the content, you don’t need to be able to quote each regulation (though that would be impressive!). Make sure you know what responsibilities you have onboard ship as an Officer and as the Engineer. In particular, pay attention to what safety equipment is required onboard the ship, the inspection intervals for the equipment, requirements for personal safety when working and pollution prevention.

Prior to sitting for either the Oral or Practical it is a good idea to speak with your examiner. If you are able to let them know where your experience and competence lies, then they should be able to help direct you to the areas of the syllabus that you will need to focus more effort on.

Restricted: You will have to pass a practical exam conducted onboard the vessel you are going to be working on. You will need to be able to answer questions and demonstrate knowledge regarding the propulsion engines, generators, electrical distribution, bilge systems, waste management and dealing with emergencies. Knowledge of pollution prevention will also be required.

Unrestricted: You will sit for an oral exam that can include anything and everything covered in the syllabus.


SVMO Oral/Practical (Pages 309-310, Sections 33.4 & 33.5)


Recommended Reading:

Reference the reading list for the Written SVMO exam, as the same books will cover the necessary information for the Oral/Practical.

Rules and Regulations:

Note that some of these titles are not exactly as they appear in the syllabus. This is mainly due to changes in the Canada Shipping Act. The Regulations listed below cover the necessary legislative knowledge, and where necessary we have referenced both titles.

Fire and Boat Drills Regulations (Formerly known as Boat and Fire Drills)

Fire Detection and Extinguishing Regulations (Also covers Fire Fighting Equipment)

Life Saving Equipment Regulations

Pollutant Discharge Reporting Regulations

Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and for Dangerous Chemicals (Covers Oil, Garbage, Sewage and Dangerous Goods) **(This has been repealed and we are trying to find out what is now required for this exam. For now, speak to your examiner for clarification)

Safe Working Practices Regulations

Shipping Casualties Reporting Regulations

Steering Appliances and Equipment Regulations

Marine Personnel Regulations, Section 202 (Safe Manning, aka “Crewing Requirements”)


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