NS1 – Navigation Safety 1

Navigation Safety is based almost completely on the Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (“ColRegs“). We strongly recommend you get a study guide to help interpret and understand the rules and legalese. In addition you will need to read Chapter VIII of the STCW Code.

The exam does test you on Canadian Modifications, so you will need to make sure that you are aware which rules have modifications and what they are. 


NS1 - Navigation Safety 1Syllabus:

Navigation Safety, Level 1 (Page 158, Section 11.4)

Recommended Reading:

International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea, 1972. With Canadian Modifications, revised Sept, 2008 This is the printed (by the government) version of the Colregs.

Colregs Guide
The Colregs Guide
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Colregs Guide This is a good guide, with full colour illustrations. It is useful for the novice seeking understanding and explanations, or for the professional just looking to brush up before an exam.

A Seaman’s Guide to Rule of the Road This is more of a quick reference book, and is well suited to experienced mariners looking to brush up on their knowledge.

Other Resources:

STCW Code The complete code, updated through 2017

We also carry flash cards, which are handy for studying and for maintaining your skills. For this exam the cards Titled “Rules of the Road”, “Sound and Light Signals” and “Lights and Shapes” would all be useful.

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  1. Hello Nautical Mind,
    Several links on this page

    do not work, specifically links to STCW Code and the link to the Wheelhouse Companion.
    Also it says Chapter lllV for STCW Code but presumably it should be Vlll

    1. Thanks for catching this Philip, much appreciated! We’ll look into fixing it.

  2. Hi. This has been a very helpful site, however from what I can find there is no Chapter VIII of the STCW Code? Do you know what Chapter VIII is called?
    Thanks Pat

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