At the Toronto Boat Show • Booth G-545

Nautical Mind Boat Show Booth G545Join us at this year’s Toronto International Boat Show from Friday January 17th through Sunday January 26th.  We’ll be inhabiting our old haunt, Booth G-545 (aka “The Party Booth”) in the northeast quadrant, next to Fogh and Genco.  Visit our booth and meet our boat show authors passing through our booth for signings and chats, as well as our usual great boat show bargains.  Hope to see you there!

Brand New Cruising Guides

by Canadian Yachting Media
This indispensable guide to the Canadian waters of Lake Huron, the North Channel, and Georgian Bay, has been completely updated. There is new aerial and boating photography as well as updated editorial by leading industry writers. This new edition features a new Android/Apple mobile app free with every print purchase. Upon purchase, the customer will be able to download the PORTS mobile app digital version of PORTS Georgian Bay onto a device of their choice.
by Scott, Simon & Nancy Scott
20th ed.The most popular guide for anyone sailing, diving or fishing the British or U.S. Virgin Islands. This edition is packed with the latest information on navigation (including key GPS coordinates), customs and immigration regulations, weather, communications, marinas, haul-out facilities, chandleries, dive services, shore-side services, shopping and an indispensable wealth of other valuable information and includes COVID-19 protocols, quarantine anchorages, and testing facilities. Many sketch charts, photos, some advertising, and piloting information blended with local history. Spectacular colour aerial photos. Includes a colour planning chart.
348 Pages • softcover • 2021
by Wilson, Matthew
2022 ed. Over 850 updates. Covers the entire 700-mile Bahamian chain plus the Turks and Caicos. A thorough explanation of local geography, climate, weather, and navigation techniques for sailors, as well as tips for planning a cruise, and practical advice for sailing in the area. Each important area of the Bahamas is reviewed with routes, headings, distances, and full waypoint lists provided. This is a new publication from Waterway.
420 Pages • softcover • annual

Boat Show Bargains

by Skinner, Leonard & Mary Cooney
This practical handbook is written from the differing perspectives of two authors, who share anecdotes and hard-earned wisdom about the gamut of crucial considerations for those planning to sell up and head to sea. The discussion covers making a budget and estimating costs, how to choose a boat, ensuring crew are well equipped and trained, "letting go" (practically and psychologically), preparing and provisioning the boat, and the challenges and rewards of life afloat.
352 Pages • softcover • 2019
$34.00  Save 74%  $8.99
by Calder, Nigel
Known for his technical expertise, Calder here tells the story of his first round-the-world voyage. He began as a novice cruiser with grand ambitions, then came hard-won lessons about troubleshooting engines, kedging off shoals and reefs, and safe navigation. Part adventure story, part Caribbean travelogue, and part chronicle of instructional experiences, this is also a great family memoir.
208 Pages • hardcover • 2018
by Craven, Caspar
In June 2009, Caspar Craven and his wife Nichola decided to sail around the world with their young children. They planned for five years then took two years to live their dream. This is their memoir of their voyage of unconventional living and learning--complete with its highs and lows, the magical and the frightening. Their tale of enthusiasm and adventure is highlighted with practical tips and informative sidebars.
320 Pages • hardcover • 2018
by Mackenzie, Dr. Campbell & Dr. Spike Briggs
A comprehensive and practical resource for novices and experienced sailors and motorboaters alike. The step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and flow charts will quickly show you how to prevent, treat, and care for sick or injured crew at sea. The guidance includes pre-voyage prep--such as establishing emergency procedures--through first response and assessment, to offshore aftercare and recovery.
224 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Justins, Douglas & Colin Berry
7th ed. Two experienced sailing doctors crafted this practical, quick-reference source of reliable first-aid information. Coloured tabs provide instant access to solutions for medical emergencies at sea.
30 Pages • spiral • 2018
$27.00  Save 70%  $7.99
by Berson, David
Berson's approach combines both the modern and the traditional. He simplifies the math and provides clear instruction and approach, including real-life anecdotes to illustrate his point.
224 Pages • hardcover • 2018
by Moore, Peter
Named a Sunday Times Best Book of 2018 and the winner of the Mary Soames Award for History, this is a revealing and comprehensive account of the Endeavour's role in shaping the Western world. Notably, Endeavour carried James Cook on his first major voyage-but this ship had many lives. Later, during 1776 battles for control of New York, Endeavour witnessed the birth of the American republic. During its career, its cargo and passengers ranged from botanists, a Polynesian priest, and the remains of the first kangaroo to arrive in Britain, to Newcastle coal and Hessian soldiers. With his careful research, Moore shines new light on the ambition and consequences of the Age of Enlightenment.

448 Pages • softcover • 2020
by Cook, James & John Hawkesworth & Nicholas Thomas
In 1766, Britain's Royal Society chose mapmaker and navigator James Cook to lead a South Pacific voyage. Cook and crew returned to London in 1772 and Cook's published journals soon made him a celebrity. Two more Pacific voyages followed--then the famous captain's career ended in his murder in Hawaii. This handsome illustrated account of all three Pacific voyages includes excerpts from Cook's diaries plus illustrations, photographs, and supplementary text.
320 Pages • softcover • 2018
by McGoogan, Ken
This vivid, comprehensive recasting of Arctic-exploration history challenges the narrative that emerged out of Victorian England, which focused almost exclusively on Royal Navy officers. McGoogan integrates the stories of non-British and fur-trading explorers and, above all, Canada's Indigenous peoples, bringing the story into the twenty-first century. An example: without the assistance of the Inuit, the final resting place of Franklin's lost ships, Erebus and Terror, would still be disputed.
448 Pages • hardcover • 2018
$33.99  Save 74%  $8.99
by Cronkhite, Kaci
Having fallen hopelessly in love with a 1930s Danish spidsgatter--a beautifully constructed 25-foot wooden double-ender--Cronkhite embarked on an international search to discover the story of the boat's past and the many lives "Pax" had touched.
224 Pages • softcover • 2018
by Foy, George Michelsen
On October 1, 2015, a massive American cargo vessel disappeared in Hurricane Joaquin, a Category 4 storm. The SS El Faro, its crew, and hundreds of shipping containers sank to the ocean floor, three miles down--the greatest seagoing US merchant marine shipping disaster since the Second World War. With information gleaned from Coast Guard inquest hearings and interviews Foy has produced a powerful narrative about the disaster.
250 Pages • softcover • 2019
by Cooper, Bill & Laurel Cooper
5th ed. This has become the bible for those cruising as a way of life--whether short- or long-term. Both inspirational and practical, it asks all the right questions and provides answers from first-hand experience. This edition has been updated and revised to include far-reaching changes in navigation, electronics and communications, and more.
352 Pages • softcover • 2005
$45.95  Save 89%  $5.00
Passage Making Made Perfect
by Buchan, Alastair
Planning and carrying out a successful, safe, and enjoyable passage takes knowledge and a lot of preparation. This book covers the whole process, providing instructions, case studies, checklists, flow charts and photographs--for day, offshore, and ocean passages. It also covers sources of information (for weather, tides, and more), creating a passage plan that works for your boat and crew, preparing the vessel, fine-tuning underway, approaching your destination, tasks on arrival, and dealing with emergencies.
192 Pages • softcover • 2013
Detailed manual on how to improve all aspects of a yacht or motorboat, includeing many projects that will iprove a boat's safety, comfort, faciities, storage, performance on the water, and value. Projects include installing heating systems, water systems, air conditioning, better ventilation, solar or wind-power chargers, interior lighting, adding a bathing platform and much more.
304 Pages • hardcover • 2015
$52.95  Save 91%  $5.00
The Dinghy Bible
by Holmes, Rupert & Jeremy Evans
A complete, user-friendly, hands-on manual packed with step-by-step diagrams, action photos, and practical advice about all aspects of dinghy sailing. Ideal for both beginner and advanced sailors, it covers getting started, rigging and launching your boat, safety skills, navigation and weather, and more.
192 Pages • hardcover • 2014
$42.95  Save 88%  $5.00


Sue Williams

Sue Williams

Boat Show Dates: Jan. 18, 19, 21, 22, 25

by Williams, Sue
With no affinity for the sea and not a single adventure-seeking bone in her body, Sue Williams headed off into the North Atlantic in the wake of a perfect storm of personal events. Two things were clear to her: her sons were adults and needed freedom to figure things out for themselves, and it was now or never for her husband to realize his dream to cross an ocean under sail.

304 Pages • softcover • 2019
Sue Williams’ first career was occupational therapy. She left the healthcare field in 2016 to focus full time on writing. Her debut memoir, Ready to Come About relates an improbable, often perilous, adventure on the high seas. Since its release last May, it has been recommended by the Globe and Mail and Canadian Yachting, it’s been on the publisher’s bestselling list for six months, and it’s recently been reprinted. Sue lives with her husband and new poodle puppy in Guelph.

Antoni daddetta

Antonio D’Addetta

Boat Show Dates: Jan. 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26

Behind Blue Eyes Cover
by Daddetta, Antonio
The story features a young boy from Toronto coming of age on the ocean, sailing from Cape Canaveral to the Bahamas.
110 Pages • softcover • 2019
$15.00  Save 67%  $5.00
Antonio is the oldest of two siblings born to Italian immigrant parents raised in Little Italy in Toronto.

He is known as “Cheaks” to his close friends and family. He loves to ride his Harley and listen to classic rock. He is a certified Chef and a handyman. When he gets the chance, you will find him fishing on a lake in North Eastern Ontario, watching the sun set and reeling in the big catch of the day (usually a large mouth bass).

Tony is currently finishing his 2nd and 3rd books that are the prequel to the true story Behind Blue Eyes and show his life growing up in Little Italy