MODU Code 2010

by IMO - International Maritime Organization

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The Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, 1989 (1989 MODU Code) was adopted by Assembly resolution A.649 (16) and concerns MODUs built since 1 May 1991. The 1989 MODU Code superseded the 1979 MODU Code adopted by Assembly resolution A.414(XI).

The Maritime Safety Committee(MSC)adopted amendments to the 1989 MODU Code in May 1991 and decided that, to maintain compatibility with SOLAS, the amendments should become effective on 1 February 1992. Further amendments were adopted in May 1994, to introduce the harmonized system of survey and certification (HSSC) into the Code, provide guidelines for vessels with dynamic positioning systems and introduce provisions for helicopter facilities. The Committee decided that the amendments introducing the HSSC should become effective on the same date as the 1988 SOLAS and Load Line Protocols relating to he HSSC (i.e. 3 February 2000), and that those providing guidelines for vessels with dynamic positioning systems and provisions for helicopter facilities should become effective on 1 July 1994.

The 2010 edition incorporates amendments that were adopted through 2009 by ICAO and the IMO Maritime Safety Committee. The 2008 amendments entered into force on 1 June 2009, and the 2009 amendments become applicable as on 1 June 2010. Mobile Units built after Jan. 01 2012


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